If I can't get into that larder, I'll skin both of you useless elves, I swear it!

Nan is the ornery cook at Castle Cousland. She is encountered in the Human Noble Origin story.

Background Edit

Nan has been a faithful retainer to the Couslands for many years, serving as the Warden's nanny when they were a child before becoming the castle cook. Dog, The Warden's faithful Mabari hound is the bane of her existence, continually finding new ways to disrupt her kitchen and worm his way into her larder, leading her to believe he confounded her on purpose.

Involvement Edit

Nan is losing her temper over your dog's unruliness in the quest Mischief in the Larder. Talking to her after slaying the giant rats in the pantry completes the quest. She can also relate a fable about an overly proud Mabari hound named Hohaku.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

She dies during the Howe Treachery quest, and her body can be found in the kitchen along with that of one of the elven servants.

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