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“If I can't get into that larder, I'll skin both of you useless elves, I swear it!”

Nan is the ornery cook at Castle Cousland. She is encountered in the Human Noble Origin story.


Nan has been a faithful retainer to the Couslands for many years, serving as the Warden's nanny when they were a child before becoming the castle cook. Dog, the Warden's faithful Mabari hound, is the bane of her existence, continually finding new ways to disrupt her kitchen and worm his way into her larder, leading her to believe he confounded her on purpose.


Nan is losing her temper over your dog's unruliness in the quest Mischief in the Larder. Talking to her after slaying the giant rats in the pantry completes the quest. She can also relate a fable about an overly proud Mabari hound named Hohaku.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

She dies during the Howe Treachery quest, and her body can be found in the kitchen along with that of one of the elven servants.


Human Noble Origin Human Noble Origin


  • Fereldans have an old bedtime story called "The Dog that Bit"; Nan used to tell this story to the Human Noble Warden. As the tale goes, a war hound called Hohaku was born from the elder bitch of a tribal chief, and due to his lineage, he was raised with many privileges. Expecting to be partnered with the the chief's eldest son, Hohaku felt protected by his status and so took food from his kin and warned his victims that the chief's family would punish them should they attack him. Many of the chief's people complained to the chief of Hohaku's bullying and expressed how they distrusted him, and this led to the chief having misgivings about Hohaku's ability to protect his son. Ultimately, Hohaku's brother was chosen as the chief's son's partner; Hohaku became furious and bit the chief's hand. The chief and his son struck and cursed Hohaku, causing Hohaku to seek shelter at the tents and kennels of the village. The other dogs and villagers attacked Hohaku and he was ultimately torn apart.
  • Dragon Age: The Official Cookbook: Tastes of Thedas is narrated by a Fereldan character named Devon, whose mother was cook to the Cousland family. Devon describes their mother's stress at trying to prevent the Hero of Ferelden's mabari from breaking into her food stores, implying that their mother was Nan.[1] Several recipes mentioned the book are Devon's mother's recipes (or their adaptations of these), including Fereldan Potato and Leek Soup,[2] a Fereldan cobbler made from strawberry and rhubarb stems[3] and the chocolate cake that she often made for Devon on their name-days.[4]