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Nabil is a guardsman of the Kirkwall City Guard.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Nabil is involved in the quest Magistrate's Orders.

Nabil leads the team of city guards sent to the Abandoned Ruins to apprehend the fugitive Kelder Vanard. However, the creatures within the ruins killed several guardsmen, forcing the guards to retreat and cordon off the entrance to the ruins. Hawke is informed by Elren of the true nature of Kelder's crime and his relationship with Magistrate Vanard, but Nabil warns Hawke against opposing the Magistrate.

If Kelder is spared, Nabil will take custody of him and escort him back to Kirkwall and his father, though not before striking Kelder in disgust. If Kelder is killed, Nabil will claim to sympathize with the elves but state that ignoring the Magistrate's direct orders is madness.

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