My Lover's Phylactery is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A phylactery found on a dead templar belongs to his mage lover, Ellendra. The phylactery could point other templars to Ellendra, and she may welcome its safe return, along with news of her lover.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Note: A Letter Found on a Dead Templar

Head southeast from the Dwarfson's Pass Inquisition Camp, climb up the nearby hill towards the totem to locate the nearby corpse. Loot the letter found on the dead Templar, which also grants a phylactery, and return it to Ellendra, the Templar's lover.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Codex entry: Phylacteries is also granted when the letter is looted. Ellendra's location in the Crossroads will be marked on the quest map. Giving her the phylactery will complete the quest.

DAIApproval.png Cole Approves whether he's in the party or not
DAIApproval.png Solas Slightly Approves

Once the quest is completed, the Herald may have the option to recruit Ellendra into the Inquisition. The following options may be available:

  • (Human Mage) As a mage, I can relate.
No approval changes
  • (Arcane Knowledge) Magic can be a positive force.
DAIApproval.png Solas Slightly Approves
No approval changes
No approval changes
  • Vivienne can convince Ellendra to join as well.
DAIApproval.png Solas Slightly Disapproves
DAIApproval.png Sera Slightly Disapproves
DAIApproval.png Vivienne slightly approves

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Picking up Mattrin's letter yields:

  • 75 XP

Completing the quest yields:

  • 44 XP
  • Influence 40

Recruiting Ellendra as an agent for Josephine (Connections) yields:

  • Influence 50
  • Power 1

Codex entries[edit | edit source]

Codex entry: Phylacteries Codex entry: Phylacteries

Note texts[edit | edit source]

A Letter Found on a Dead Templar (My Lover's Phylactery) A Letter Found on a Dead Templar (My Lover's Phylactery)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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