Movran the Under is a chieftain of a tribe of Avvar people.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Movran's son, the Hand of Korth, was sent to kill Tevinters but decided that attacking the Herald of Andraste would bring more glory to his god. After his son's death, Movran answered, as is tradition in Avvar culture, by smacking the holdings of offending party (in this case, the Inquisitor) with goat's blood. Movran freely admits, however, that he has no intention of actually pursuing any conflict with the Inquisition, and offers himself to the Inquisition for judgment. The Inquisitor may:

  • Banish Movran and his clan
  • Sentence Movran to be executed & displayed on a gibbet (a hanging cage for public display)
  • Arm and exile Movran to the Tevinter Imperium
  • Conscript Movran into the Inquisition, in which case he will serve alongside Lord Esmeral Abernache (only available if Champions of the Just was completed and Abernache survived)

If Movran is exiled to Tevinter, his clan will establish a settlement on an uninhabited region of the Silent Plains, off the Imperial Highway. The Inquisitor can either overtly support Movran's new settlement (incurring the Imperium's ire), covertly supply them (allowing the settlement to flourish and becoming a welcome stopping point along the road), or simply leave them to their own devices.

Alternatively, if partnered with Abernache and Josephine's suggestion is taken, Movran and Abernache develop something resembling a mutual grudging respect and become an effective ambassadorial team, with Josephine noting the value in the Inquisition's threat of "not recalling our ambassadors".

Game File

The Inquisition game file for Movran describes him thusly:
"CharacterName : Chief Movran the Under
Gender : Male
CharacterDescription : A bombastic barbarian. Think Brian Blessed.
SpeechPattern : Brian Blessed
Accent : Light North Country
Race : Human
Appearance : Fat, bearded, armored, bloody, barbarian
CharacterArchetype : Brian Blessed"

Movran in Heroes of Dragon Age

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