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Mounts are a mode of transportation available to the Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition. There are different types of mounts and each gives the rider different bonuses.[1] Some mounts are available only in the Digital Deluxe edition of the game.[2] Companions don't have mounts and disappear while the Inquisitor is mounted. There is no party banter in this mode. The mounts can be changed next to the smith in Haven and SkyHold. [3]


Armored horse

Armoured Mount


  • Fereldan Forder – the default mount acquired when Master Dennet is hired by the Inquisition.
  • Taslin Strider – A refined breed common in the warm climes of Antiva. Suited to long distances and spirited charges.
  • Green Dales Feral – A fine example of a breed rarely seen on the field. Descended from stock that escaped during the Qunari incursions in the north.
  • Dalish All-Bred – A hardy and sure-footed mount. Fiercely loyal, fully trained examples are highly prized, despite the breed's humble origins.
  • Orlesian Courser – Spirited, with a lineage longer than most noble names. The pride of many a chevalier.
  • Armored Mount – an armored horse. Available as part of Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition.




  • Bog Unicorn
    Bog Unicorn[2] – an undead horse previously belonging to a bandit. It was killed by a sword piercing its skull. The sword stuck in its head looks similar to a unicorn horn. Available as part of the deluxe edition.
  • War Nug – described as a cross between a nug and a water buffalo[5]
  • Avvar Mixed Draft – a proud and adaptable variant of the breed; this horse is uniquely trained by a master. Available as part of a Raptr promotion.[6]


In promotional materials the Red Hart is incorrectly named "Red Hart Halla". Mike Laidlaw has confirmed that this is an error.[7]



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