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These caverns continue on from the Ruined Temple and hold the end of the path for completing the quest The Urn of Sacred Ashes. The caverns are not as large as the Temple but hold some good items.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

  • Feeding Chambers - About midway through the caverns off to the right, a room with a load of goats and sheep in it, worth a visit as 3 Drakes will spawn allowing you to loot "drake scale" resulting in Wade at Denerim to craft you "Wades Drake Scale Armour"
  • Hatchery Room - A cavern with a lot of dragon eggs within located at the very top right room of the caverns, a tough fight with another couple of Drakes spawning letting you gain 2 more scales for Wade
  • Final cave - This is where Kolgrim is located, he will ask a favour from you to defile the sacred ashes, if you agree this will start a quest and you will not have to fight him. If you refuse his guards and he will turn hostile towards you and start attacking.
Note: Defiling the ashes is the only way to gain the Reaver class attribute, though it will cause Leliana and Wynne to turn on you.


Map of the caverns


Notable Items

Object Dragon Egg

Dragon Eggs

Codex Entry: The Life Drinker
Plt ico drake scales Drake Scale
Ico amulet Lifedrinker
Tre ico statuette 2 Stone Warrior Statuette
Ico longsword Spellweaver

Special Objects

Involved In

Ico Quest The Urn of Sacred Ashes
Ico Quest Drake Scale Armor




Ico Ruins Ruined Temple
Ico Cave Mountain Top
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