The Mortalitasi are a group of mages in Nevarra who wield considerable political power and influence. Popularly referred to as "Death Mages", they are responsible for the mummification of the bodies of the Nevarran elite.[1]

Background Edit

The order was founded by a Tevinter mage named Vitus Fabria, who was a personal adviser of Caspar Pentaghast. According to a Nevarran belief, when a soul of the dead crosses the Fade, it displaces a spirit. Based on that, the Mortalitasi believe that mummifying corpses provides a safe host for the displaced Fade spirits. The Mortalitasi draw wisps rather than intelligent spirits across the Veil.[2]This school of thought is prominent in modern-day Nevarra, but viewed as barbaric by other nations in Thedas.[1]

The Mortalitasi are linked to the royal family by blood, and it is common for Nevarran nobility to employ members of this order as advisers. The order studies death extensively, and its members are known to experiment with necromancy.[3] It is not yet known if it is in the order's power to decide which corpse would have the honor to be perserved in the Grand Necropolis, a city preserved for the dead.[1]

Even though Mortalitasi are well-respected within the kingdom, mages outside Nevarra fear them and there are beliefs that they are actually a death cult performing macabre rituals in the Grand Necropolis.[3]

Markus Pentaghast, the current ruler of the Nevarra, is an aged man of weak health and uncertain sanity.[4] His rule has been condemned by those who claim his Mortalitasi advisers are ruling through him, much as Ionas, whom the Pentaghast family deposed, did long ago.

Notable Mortalitasi Edit

  • Earnest Artelli - Prelate of the Order of Mortalitasi in 7:45 Storm[5]
  • Rodomonte van Heigl - Senior member of the Mortalitasi [6]
  • Vestalus Pentaghast - Prelate of the Mortalitasi as of 9:12 Dragon, Uncle to Anthony and Cassandra Pentaghast
  • Viuus Anaxas

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  • Sidony - a Mage raised in secret by a Mortalitasi mage and trained in their arcane techniques but not a member herself

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