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Ser Morris becomes the Inquisition's quartermaster after it relocates to Skyhold.


When pressed by the Inquisitor for his qualifications for the crucial position of quartermaster, he lists noteworthy family connections all over Thedas, yet could name no qualifying trait for himself. He admits that even he questioned his own appointment to the position. He appears weaselly and inexperienced, his comments carefully adjusted to avoid offence and his body language projecting nervousness.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After Corypheus' assault on Haven, Morris will take over duties as quartermaster from Threnn. He can be found in a building marked "Quartermaster" on the map, located next to the armory. The building is not accessible until after the first time returning to Skyhold.

If Threnn survives the assault, Morris explains that the decision to replace her was made due to certain unpopular "views" she holds (likely referring to Threnn's favorable opinion of Loghain Mac Tir).

He will offer the war table operation Negotiate a Deal for Weapon Plans.

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