For thy heart, which has wronged me.

Morrighan'nan was an Avvar chieftain, and the descendant of the Avvar chieftain Tyrdda Bright-Axe and a prince of the dwarves by the name of Hendir.

Background Edit

During a feast between the Avvarian and Alamarri tribes, Morrighan'nan became captivated by the Alamarri chieftain by the name of Luthias Dwarfson and seduced him. However, he was married to a dwarven princess and refused her proposal of marriage. Morrighan'nan declared war on his tribe. Furthermore, when she seduced him, she got pregnant. She gave birth to a boy and that boy became a powerful warrior in her tribe.

The two tribes warred for 15 years. At the Battle of Red Falls, Morrighan'nan and Luthias's son challenged Luthias to a duel, but lost, and got killed by his father. Morrighan'nan then revealed to him that he killed his own son. She cursed him for killing his own kin, and eventually Luthias lost the battle.

Following this defeat, the Alamarri led by Dwarfson lost many battles to Morrighan'nan's tribe. Finally, during one of these battles, Luthias and Morrighan'nan met on the battlefield and fought one on one. They ended up killing each other.

Involvement Edit

The weapon Thunderstrike, belonging to Morrighan'nan, the same one she used to kill Luthias, can be purchased by the Inquisitor.

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