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“Change is coming to the world. Many fear change and will fight it with every fiber of their being. But sometimes, change is what they need the most. Sometimes, change is what sets them free.”

Morrigan is a Witch of the Wilds, one of innumerable sorceresses whose legends originate in the Korcari Wilds. She is a companion to the Warden and a romance option for a male Warden. Morrigan can also teach the Shapeshifter specialization.


Morrigan is the daughter of Flemeth, the legendary Witch of the Wilds who has reputedly given birth to scores of daughters and has lived for centuries, though Morrigan is unwilling or unable to confirm Flemeth's true origins. Whatever Flemeth's history, Morrigan was raised by her in isolation from civilization. Flemeth instilled a distrust of humankind in Morrigan, strictly forbidding her from venturing out into settlements. As such, Morrigan sought solace among nature and the animals of the Korcari Wilds, into whose forms she would often shapeshift.

Starting in 9:20 Dragon, when she was seen observing a group of Avvar hunters from afar, Morrigan was spotted several times in the towns and villages near the Korcari Wilds; she would pick out a local who drew her interest and then question them until she drew too much attention or lost interest.[1] Although Morrigan is adept at using her wiles to manipulate people, due to her isolated upbringing she is unfamiliar with some of the nuances of human interactions. Morrigan would sometimes use her exploration of civilization to learn about social etiquette but was inundated by the subject and eventually lost interest. After giving up on trying to understand human society, Morrigan returned to the Wilds and swore to Flemeth that she was never leaving again.

When she reached a sufficient age, Morrigan would occasionally assist Flemeth in eliminating threats to them. If templars hunted the pair, Morrigan would often play the part of the innocent girl in fear for her life, while in reality leading the men to her mother, and thus to their doom.

It is implied that Morrigan's father, who is unknown, was likely of Chasind origin.[2]


Dragon Age: Origins

Morrigan first encounters The Warden in the Korcari Wilds, following them in animal form and later leading them to Flemeth, who held ancient Grey Warden documents necessary for the completion of their Joining. Following the Battle of Ostagar, Morrigan helped nurse The Warden and Alistair back to health, later accompanying them on their quest at the behest of Flemeth. While Morrigan had always intended to leave the Korcari Wilds to see the world, Flemeth insisting that she leave to aid the Grey Wardens end the Fifth Blight was not the manner in which she had expected it to happen.

As a child, Morrigan once saw a traveling noblewoman by her carriage and was enthralled by the wealth and beauty she exuded. Morrigan stole a lavish hand mirror from the noblewoman's carriage and Morrigan went on to treasure her bauble after bringing it back to the Korcari Wilds. When Flemeth found out about Morrigan's thievery and that she risked discovery for a pretty bauble, Flemeth smashed the hand mirror to teach her daughter a lesson. Although heartbroken, Morrigan learned a valuable lesson that day: love and beauty are fleeting and meaningless, while survival and power are important and sensible.

Flemeth's harsh lessons has engendered in Morrigan a self-serving attitude. She can be callous to those she has little respect for and will encourage the Warden to acquire power even if it comes at the expense of others. Although her agenda remains a mystery, she has a fascination with ancient magic and power and also sympathizes with fellow Apostates considered to be Maleficars.

After receiving and examining Flemeth's Black Grimoire, Morrigan claims that her mother plans to possess her body in order to prolong her own life. To prevent this, Morrigan asks the Warden to slay Flemeth.

Note: You may need to complete one of the main quests first to get Morrigan to ask you to kill Flemeth.

On the eve of the Battle of Denerim, after the Warden learns from Riordan that a Grey Warden must die in order to defeat the Archdemon, Morrigan offers an alternative. If she can conceive a child with a Grey Warden, the Archdemon's soul will pass into the unborn child rather than the Grey Warden who strikes the killing blow.

If the Warden rejects the ritual:
The Warden rejected the ritual, enraging Morrigan. The witch shapeshifts into a Wolf and abandons her companion to their fate.
If Alistair completed the ritual:
Though The Warden did not take up Morrgian's offer, Alistair reluctantly underwent the ritual despite the hostility between Morrigan and him.
If Loghain completes the ritual:
In the place of The Warden, Loghain Mac Tir, recently recruited into the Grey Wardens as penance for his crime at Ostagar, underwent the ritual with Morrigan.
If the Warden completes the ritual:
The Warden agreed to Morrigan's request. The two spent the night together, with the pregnant Morrigan mysteriously vanishing after Ferelden's victory at the Battle of Denerim.
See Epilogue for the full details of Morrigan's potential fates..

Witch Hunt

This section contains spoilers for:
Witch Hunt.

One year after the Battle of Denerim,[3] Morrigan was spotted in Ferelden, prompting The Warden-Commander to seek her out. After a series of adventures, The Warden-Commander corners Morrigan in the Dragonbone Wastes, as she is about to step through a magical portal. She claims that great change is coming to the world and it is thus necessary for her to leave Ferelden to prepare for this change. Morrigan issues a stern warning that it is Flemeth who poses the true threat to Thedas and that The Warden-Commander should beware her.

If the Warden goes through the Eluvian:
After initial hesitation, Morrigan agrees to take her lover through the Eluvian to meet their son.
If Morrigan goes through the Eluvian alone:
Morrigan leaves through the Eluvian, leaving a final gift for The Warden-Commander, which she suggests they will find most interesting.
If The Warden-Commander stabs Morrigan:
Either out of distrust of Morrigan's machinations or out of vengeance, The Warden-Commander stabs Morrigan in the stomach. Morrigan's injured body falls into the eluvian portal.

The Darkspawn Chronicles

This section contains spoilers for:
Darkspawn Chronicles.

Morrigan is made to help Alistair in his quest under Flemeth's wishes. The two however never get along, with her laughing at his every mistake and finding constant humor at his actions.

She, Alistair, Leliana and Dog lead the assault on Urthemiel at Fort Drakon. She and the rest of the party are subsequently killed by the Hurlock vanguard, leaving Ferelden to be consumed by the Blight.

Dragon Age: The Last Court

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Morrigan, known as The Scornful Sorceress, arrives in Serault on a mission for Empress Celene to rebuild an eluvian. She makes a detailed study of the Marquis of Serault's lineage, and particularly their great-grandfather, an apostate mage who is known as "The Shame of Serault."

Dragon Age: Inquisition

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Morrigan tarot

Morrigan tarot card

Morrigan currently serves as an advisor to Empress Celene, arriving in the Orlesian court around 9:38 Dragon. She quickly insinuated herself into the court, gaining the favor of the empress who had long sought a source of magical knowledge untouched by religious dogma. However, rumors abound that Morrigan is a sinister influence on the throne, teaching the empress forbidden, dark arts.[4][5]

Morrigan appears at a ball held at the Winter Palace. She meets with the Inquisitor, informing them that she has fought and killed a Tevinter agent and retrieved a key from the body. She states that it is in her best interest to see Celene spared from the Venatori, for if she is killed, then the Imperial Court would accuse her first and foremost. As she can't leave Celene unattended, she leaves the Inquisitor to find the assassin.

Following the cementing of Orlais' alliance with the Inquisition, Morrigan informs the Inquisitor that she has been assigned as liaison to the Inquisition.

As the Inquisition has foiled many of Corypheus' plots, the magister has withdrawn his forces to the Arbor Wilds. Morrigan privately explains Corypheus' goal, as she brings out an eluvian and takes the Inquisitor to a dimension she dubs the Crossroads. She explains that Corypheus seeks an eluvian to enter the Fade and through it the Black City.

If the Dark Ritual was performed or if the Warden romanced Morrigan:
Morrigan introduces her son, Kieran, to the Inquisitor. If asked about his mother, he replies either that she is "the inheritor, she who awaits the next age" or that she is the Witch of the Wilds, depending on whether Kieran carries the Old God soul or is an ordinary child.

When the Inquisition marches on the Arbor Wilds, Morrigan joins the Inquisitor as they follow Corypheus to the Temple of Mythal. After witnessing the darkspawn disintegrate, only to be reborn in the body of a Grey Warden, they flee inside the temple. Morrigan theorizes that Corypheus possesses abilities similar to an archdemon's. Also having heard that Corypheus seeks the Well of Sorrows, it makes Morrigan wonder if the eluvian was truly his goal.


Morrigan attending a ball at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral

Venturing into the temple, the group encounters ancient elven guardians. If the Inquisitor performs the rituals required to enter the inner sanctum and does not take the shortcut like Samson/Calpernia, they encounter the guardians' leader, Abelas. Regardless of whether the Inquisitor chooses to ally with Abelas or not, the elf leaves to destroy the Well before it can be desecrated, compelling Morrigan to transform into a bird and follow him. She manages to reach the well before Abelas. Held at an impasse, Abelas reveals that the Well contains the collective knowledge of all previous servants of Mythal and he fears it would be lost if an outsider drinks from it. If the Inquisitor had allied with him earlier, Abelas can be convinced to leave, otherwise Morrigan will kill him before he can destroy the temple, but not before his warning that drinking from the Well binds the person to the will of Mythal forever. Either the Inquisitor or Morrigan drinks from the Well, before escaping through the eluvian back to Skyhold.

If Morrigan's Ritual was performed:
Kieran will enter Morrigan's eluvian into the Fade and Morrigan chases after him. Joined by the Inquisitor, they find Kieran with Flemeth. When Morrigan attempts to attack, Flemeth magically commands whoever drank from the Well to make her stop, revealing herself as a vessel of Mythal. She then offers a deal: Flemeth keeps Kieran and Morrigan is freed from her, or Kieran returns to Morrigan but Flemeth will keep hunting her. Morrigan refuses her offer, willing to sacrifice her own body to her mother to spare her son. With that, Flemeth only takes the Old God essence of Urthemiel from Kieran. Before departing, she tells Morrigan that she was never in danger, because an unwilling host cannot be possessed.
If Morrigan's Ritual wasn't performed:
The Inquisitor and Morrigan go to the Altar of Mythal and encounter Flemeth.
If Morrigan drank from the Well of Sorrows:
Morrigan gains the ability to shapeshift into a dragon and battles with Corypheus' dragon. In the middle of the battle, she ends up defeated and thus is knocked out cold for the remainder of the fight.
In the aftermath of Corypheus' defeat, Morrigan departs Skyhold for parts unknown.


Dragon Age: Origins

The Grey Wardens' Cache The Grey Wardens' Cache
Flemeth's Real Grimoire Flemeth's Real Grimoire
Morrigan's Ritual Morrigan's Ritual

Witch Hunt

In Search of Morrigan In Search of Morrigan

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
What Pride Had Wrought What Pride Had Wrought
The Final Piece The Final Piece
Doom Upon All the World Doom Upon All the World



Morrigan in an intimate moment

Morrigan's responses to a romancing male Warden when she is chosen in the field or approached for dialogue are initially bored or sarcastic, but will (as with others) evolve with advancing Approval and breadth of topic, becoming flirtatious, sultry and even girlish. When engaging her in conversation, it is important to remember that she values independence and power above all. For successful advances it is best to agree with her "survival of the fittest" philosophy; she disdains any display of soft-heartedness. (That being said, if the Warden plays the "contemptuous of love" card too strongly, he may spoil his chances of intimacy with her.) She also appreciates open-minded curiosity regarding her apostate status and 'uncivilized' upbringing.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If the Warden initiates romance with Morrigan, then similarly pursues Leliana and/or Zevran, she will eventually confront the Warden and force him to choose - and the rival(s) can force an ultimatum in the same context.

Note: A romance must be initiated to obtain the kiss and tent scene options.

A "[Kiss her]" option can be unlocked at a lower Approval value than with any other potential paramour (minimum Approves (+20) and either 'Interested' or with a successfully-resolved 'good side' dialogue). If this "first kiss" occurs in the presence of Alistair, he may chide Morrigan (in banter) about making "kissy faces"; subsequently, public kisses in Alistair's company prompt a "projectile vomit" remark.

Before even reaching Lothering, it is possible to raise Morrigan's Approval enough to elicit a sexual proposition (Approves (+51) and 'Interested'); however, maintaining or further developing this may be more challenging. Morrigan disapproves of generosity, sentimentality, and cooperation with the Chantry (thus she tends to withdraw Approval whenever Alistair, Leliana and/or Wynne would grant it). Also keep in mind that if Approval exceeds 85 before romance is attempted, such an opportunity will cease to be available.

At the first conversation following a Romantic Approval raised above Approves (+70), this Witch of the Wilds will offer the Warden a unique ring. This is designed as a psychic link between the two, and Approval may be increased further in this conversation if the Warden not only accepts it, but carefully reciprocates concern and avoids mocking what one might interpret as Morrigan becoming sentimental. This also plays a significant role in the Witch Hunt DLC.

After acquiring Flemeth's Real Grimoire, a 'romantically advanced' Morrigan (Approval label "Love") will come to fear the intensity of her affection towards the Warden, prompting a conversation about these feelings. Most of the choices in this dialogue will result in the end of the romance and a significant loss of Approval, but these can both be avoided (or she can be sent away entirely); however, even if she stays in the party and in love, she will no longer accept 'tent invitations'.

If the Warden beds Morrigan at camp but refuses her offer at Redcliffe Castle, the epilogue will state that she is expecting a child even though the ritual was never performed. This isn't a bug of any sort, merely a variant. It is hinted that she unexpectedly conceived a child before the eve of the Final Battle.

If the Warden breaks up with Morrigan when she asks it, she will call the Warden "my love" (even if Approval is Friendly) at the Denerim gate, and the "regret and sorrow" epilogue may be shown (even if the Warden concludes Origins with another romance (Leliana or Zevran) active). One glitch has been observed: even if the ring is sold or thrown away, the 'ring epilogue' may still appear.

From the standard Morrigan-romance-active epilogue: "there came a night when he was sure that she was thinking of him... somewhere. She felt regret, and sorrow. But the ring told no more." There seems to be no 'happily-ever-after' with Morrigan. She will leave the group immediately after the Final Battle, regardless of relationship status.

This section contains spoilers for:
Witch Hunt.

However, the romance can continue and end on a happier note (dependent on choices in Origins and Witch Hunt) wherein the couple kiss and leave Thedas together.

Epilogue(s) acquisition

For the 'ring-epilogue' slide in Origins, a Morrigan who has given her ring must be engaged in conversation the day after her ritual is accepted. This can be done in Denerim: during the gate-breaching first skirmish of the Final Battle; when the quest is updated and the Warden is prompted to speak to Riordan, the conversation will be followed with selection of the final party to battle the Archdemon, and a series of farewells from your companions. If the Warden does not want Morrigan to help battle the Archdemon, the conversation with her should be initiated before speaking to Riordan and choosing the final party. This will trigger the 'ring' slide in the epilogue. Or a ring epilogue can be triggered by a male Warden who wears her ring throughout the final battle despite her breaking off the romance and his refusing her ritual.

The tricky part is how to import the same character to Awakening and get the 'basic' Morrigan slide at the end of that campaign. The problem with the final Morrigan dialogue at Denerim's city gate is that Morrigan will invariably end the relationship, which alters their status to 'Friendly' at most. This is unaffected by whether Morrigan is brought to fight the Archdemon (and says "...always remember you, my love") or doesn't (and says "...live gloriously, my friend"); in either case, the romance is ended by the final conversation.

The way to get around this is to keep the Golden Mirror in reserve (which shouldn't pose a problem, since the item is not required either to engage Morrigan in a relationship or to advance an already-active one). This gift will 'restore' an active romance with Morrigan after their 'final' dialogue (giving the Mirror triggers one more brief conversation) in order to get the 'ring' epilogue. Load the Epilogue Autosave (created when the Archdemon is slain), then go to the Party Camp, give Morrigan the Mirror, and 'rekindle' the romance (see the next paragraph). Then save manually and import that file to Awakening (this will unlock the 'dark-haired sorceress' epilogue slide in that campaign).

Note that (after unlocking the 'ring epilogue' via a final Morrigan conversation, as described above) approaching Morrigan after slaying the Archdemon will prompt her to ask if the Warden is a friend - this will confirm that the romance was ended by the final conversation at the City Gate. When giving the Mirror forces a dialogue, select the "beautiful woman" response to restart the romance. If the romance is restored, she will respond with a giggle or "Your desire?" instead of "What comes, my friend?" and the "[Kiss her]" option will be available.

However, rather than saving a gift for restoring an anticipated 'broken' romance, the simplest method is to avoid any further conversation with her after the Dark Ritual.


Quite simply, Morrigan likes shiny stuff - mostly jewelry.

Name Notes Description

Black Grimoire
Black Grimoire
Location: Senior Mage Quarters
Plot Item
A black leather-bound book with a tree on the cover.
Flemeth's Grimoire
Flemeth's Grimoire
Location: Flemeth's Hut
Plot Item
An old, but lovingly cared for book, bound in leather of questionable origins. The pages smell of herbs and wood smoke. Intricate stitching on the cover marks out a leafless tree, strangely ominous in its stark appearance.
Gold Amulet
Gold Amulet
A gold amulet suspended by a chain of delicate gold links.
Golden Demon Pendant
Golden Demon Pendant
Located: The Gauntlet
A molded pendant that looks eerily like the head of a demon hangs off this thick gold chain.
Golden Mirror
Golden Mirror
Located: Orzammar Commons
Plot Item
A mirror of polished glass in a gold frame. Golden deer and sparrows frolic together in a charming scene on the back of the mirror.
Golden Rope Necklace
Golden Rope Necklace
This unique necklace is made of delicate gold strands twisted together in a thick rope.
An antique cameo depicting a beautiful woman with jewels in her hair. The cameo is set in the front of a filigreed gold locket.
Silver Brooch
Silver Brooch
Located: Dalish Camp
A large gemstone in an intricate silver setting. A small pin on its back allows it to be attached to clothing.
Silver Chain
Silver Chain
This short necklace is made of several strands of silver chain.
Silver Medallion
Silver Medallion
This silver necklace is adorned with a large silver medallion.


Morrigan starts at least at level 5.

Initial attributes

Relative attribute weightings on auto-level:

Strength Dexterity Willpower Magic Cunning Constitution
0.125 0.25 1.125 1.5 0 0

Initial specialization

Shapeshifter Shapeshifter (obtained before level 7)

Initial skills

Improved Herbalism Improved Herbalism
Improved Combat Training Improved Combat Training

Initial spells (PC)

Shapeshifter Spider Shape Spider ShapeBear Shape Bear Shape (level 8)
Primal Winter's Grasp Winter's GraspFrost Weapons Frost Weapons (level 7)   Lightning Lightning (level 6)
Spirit Mind Blast Mind Blast
Entropy Vulnerability Hex Vulnerability HexDisorient DisorientHorror HorrorDrain Life Drain Life

Initial spells (PS3, Xbox360)

Shapeshifter Spider Shape Spider Shape
Primal Winter's Grasp Winter's GraspFrost Weapons Frost WeaponsLightning Lightning
Spirit Mind Blast Mind Blast
Entropy Vulnerability Hex Vulnerability HexDisorient DisorientHorror Horror (level 7)   Drain Life Drain Life

Initial equipment


Morrigan casting a spell

Weapons Magic Staff Magic Staff
Clothing Morrigan's Robes Morrigan's Robes
Accessories Wildstone Clasp Wildstone Clasp

Restricted gear

Morrigan's Robes Morrigan's Robes
Robes of Possession Robes of Possession
Wildstone Clasp Wildstone Clasp

Plot skills

As you befriend Morrigan and gain her approval, she will gain the following additional skills:

Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Minor Magic Inspired: Minor Magic +1 magic 25% approval
Inspired: Moderate Magic Inspired: Moderate Magic +2 magic 50% approval
Inspired: Major Magic Inspired: Major Magic +4 magic 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Magic Inspired: Massive Magic +6 magic 90% approval
Note: These bonuses are non-cumulative, i.e. the total bonus is +6, not +13.


Main article: Morrigan/Dialogue

Dragon Age: Origins

Morrigan Concept Art

Concept art

  • "You look upon the world around you and you think you know it well. I have smelled it as a wolf, listened as a cat, prowled shadows that you never dreamed existed."
  • "Men are always willing to believe two things about a woman: one, that she is weak, and two, that she finds him attractive."
  • "Apparently everyone seems to agree that a Blight is the perfect time to start killing each other. Marvelous, really."
  • "How odd. We now have a dog and Alistair is still the dumbest one in the party."
  • (On the Circle Tower) "So the mages are all locked within? A fitting end for all those who gave up their own freedom."
  • (On intimidating Lothering's Revered Mother) "Now we threaten priests? How fun!"
  • (Witch Hunt) "Flemeth once told me that temptation lies in the forbidden. 'Do not follow me,' I said, and slipped into the shadows. Some doors should never be re-opened."

(After completing Flemeth's Real Grimoire)

  • Morrigan: "'Tis a curious thing. I do not know how else to describe it."
  • Warden: "Oh? Did you have your first feeling?"
  • Morrigan: "(Laughs) That would be rather unlikely, would it not?"

Concept art of Morrigan from Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 2

Dragon Age: The Last Court

  • "It is a delight to deal with someone reasonable at last. You would not believe the fools I have had to endure at court. The laws of courtesy are so inconvenient: do not set fire to this chevalier, do not encase that baroness in a block of ice... How are we supposed to get through the day?"
  • "Magic thrives on use. A mage who fears her magic cannot master it. When the demons come calling, she will not have the strength to deny them. The Circles are a cage made from fear. I cannot decide who is more stupid: the ones who built the cage, or the ones who allow themselves to be put in it."

Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • (To Flemeth) "I am many things, but I will not be the mother you were to me."
  • "The magic of old must be preserved. No matter how feared."
  • "Mankind blunders through the world, crushing what it does not understand; elves, dragons, magic...the list is endless. We must stem the tide, or be left with nothing more than the mundane. This I know to be true."


In Dragon Age media


Morrigan's appearance in the Sacred Ashes trailer

Morrigan is one of three companions who appear in the Dragon Age: Origins promotional trailer, Sacred Ashes. She is modelled after Victoria (a.k.a. Victorria) Johnson.[6]

Morrigan is named or referred to various times throughout Dragon Age II: during the first visit to Sundermount in the quest Long Way Home; by Alistair during the quest King Alistair, or if exiled, when talking to him in the Hanged Man; by Anders during dialogue regarding mages; finally, an illustration of Morrigan is also present in the ending.

In Dragon Age Legends, Morrigan appears as a companion if the player unlocks "Morrigan Room" (requires two expansion rooms) and places it in their castle.

In other media

Morrigan appears alongside Commander Shepard from Mass Effect as cameo characters in MySims SkyHeroes, the sixth game in EA's MySims franchise.[7] Similarly, a character named Morrigan Hemlock can be found in The Sims 3, via the Late Night expansion pack.

Morrigan is featured in the Penny Arcade Dragon Age comic, along with Flemeth.[8]

Codex entries

Codex entry: Morrigan Codex entry: Morrigan
Codex entry: Morrigan Codex entry: Morrigan


  • Morrigan was written by David Gaider, and named after a character in a LARP that Gaider once ran.[9] Morrigan's initial design had her more similar to Flemeth; "talking in circles" and "kind of out there".[10] According to David Gaider, a previous version of Morrigan's dialogue was modelled upon the way the character Delirium (from the comic book Sandman) would speak.[11]
  • This more whimsicle version of Morrigan was eventually scrapped, and her mode of speech changed: unlike any other character, Morrigan speaks with a tendency towards older forms of English, using words such as "'tis" and grammar such as "were I you". She behaves more as a "teenage girl who just resents her mother",[10] and speaks in blunt statements in opposition to Flemeth's abstruse ones.
  • Morrigan's voice actor was difficult to cast.[12] Both Morrigan and Flemeth were originally supposed to have a Persian accent, but the idea was scrapped during the audition phase.[13] Eventually, Claudia Black auditioned for a different role, but the team listened to her recording and thought she would be "perfect" for Morrigan.[12]
  • Early on in Dragon Age: Origins development, a historical framing for the story was considered, with narration by an old woman thought to be Flemeth, who was later revealed to be Morrigan. [12]
  • Early concepts of the Dark Ritual also had Morrigan able to conceive with any character, including female Wardens, which was eventually cut for time.[12] A cut-scene was proposed to show Morrigan (either as a friend or a romantic interest) being conflicted over the Dark Ritual, but was also cut from the game. The comic Dragon Age: The Revelation, a collaboration between David Gaider and Irma Ahmed ("Aimo"), gives one scenario of what might have happened.
  • In BioWare's character file for her, her appearance is described as: "A svelte, exotic-looking young woman with long black hair and large eyes. Her body is relatively thin and not strong."[14] Actress Kate Mulgrew, who plays Morrigan's mother Flemeth, has said that "Morrigan is innocent. She is beautiful. She is vulnerable."[15]


  • According to Gaider, Morrigan is not an atheist.[16]
  • Morrigan is one of the only party members (along with Sten) to recognize that the dream the sloth demon creates in the Fade isn't real.
  • After the fight in the Tower of Ishal, a conversation with Morrigan can lead Alistair to inquire about her cooking skills. After some banter, she will comment that she knows "fifteen different poisons" that grow right in the Korcari Wilds. However, Morrigan has no initial Poison-Making ability; instead she has Herbalism.
  • While she does not have the blood mage specialization, Morrigan states that some of the magic she knows might be considered blood magic by some.[17]
Promotional Advisor Morrigan

Artwork of Advisor Morrigan in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • Morrigan's dress in Dragon Age: Inquisition's quest Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts appears very similar to the clothes Leliana wanted to dress Morrigan in from Dragon Age: Origins ambient dialogue: "Dark red velvet, yes. With gold embroidery. It should be cut low in the front of course, we don't want to hide your features."
    • According to a conversation between Leliana and a messenger in Dragon Age: Inquisition (if Kieran is present in the world state), Morrigan claims that her red velvet dress was chosen by her son, Kieran, to which Leliana exclaims that "the boy has wonderful taste."
  • Morrigan's first words to both the Warden and the Inquisitor are "Well, well. What have we here."
  • The narrator of Dragon Age: The Official Cookbook: Tastes of Thedas includes a recipe for nettle soup which they liken to Morrigan, as both the plant and the mage are helpful despite the bristly exterior, and often times misunderstood.[18]


  • There is an exploit through which Morrigan can be brought to Approves (+100) shortly after the party's arrival in Lothering. See the final section of The Qunari Prisoner.
  • If the Warden is in a romance with Morrigan and talks to her in Arl Eamon's Estate, her first response is the one normally made to a friendly Warden. However, the game still considers that Morrigan and the Warden are together and thus this bug doesn't have any lasting effects. In the Xbox, downloaded PS3 and some PC versions, if the Warden kisses her, she seems to disappear, but is next to Dog.
  • If you send Morrigan away in Redcliffe Castle before speaking to Riordan about killing the Archdemon, she won't be there after you speak to Riordan and so you won't be able to talk about the Dark Ritual with Morrigan and therefore be unable to continue the main quest.
  • Witch Hunt may have a bug in which Morrigan will reference the Warden refusing the Dark Ritual even if there was no refusal. In any case, all of the final choices are still available.
  • Morrigan may mistakenly refer to a male Warden as her former lover in Dragon Age: Inquisition if an imported Warden did not romance anyone during Dragon Age: Origins.



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