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Moonshine for the Children is a Blight Orfans Notis Bord quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Hubert has been making moonshine. The Blight Orphans think they could make better 'medicinal' use of it.


In the City of Amaranthine there is an unmarked building called Hubert's Den located in the market near Octham the Grocer. Enter the building and kill the three moonshiners. Loot the Moonshine from the crate and bring it back to the "Blight Orfans Donashun Box" in the Crown and Lion.



  • Ico DisAppr Heart Justice disapproves (-1)
  • Ico DisAppr Heart Sigrun disapproves (-1)
  • Ico DisAppr Heart Nathaniel disapproves (-1)
  • Ico Appr Heart Anders approves (+1)
  • Ico Appr Heart Velanna approves (+1)


pcPCps3PS3xbox360XBOX360 It is possible for your companions who are not currently in your active party to experience an approval change.