Our camp is not a store for your perusal.

Mithra is a dalish elf hunter, who also occasionally serves as a guard for Zathrian's clan.

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Dragon Age: Origins.

When the Warden first enters the Dalish camp as part of the Nature of the Beast questline, Mithra stops them and questions them about their purpose of coming to this camp. Like many of her people, Mithra is wary of outsiders (due to the serious dangers the Dalish face from outsiders), and will challenge any Warden who is not of Dalish Elf Origin. With two points in Coercion she can be convinced to allow the Warden to speak to Zathrian directly. Alternatively, the Warden can simply explain they are one of the Grey Wardens. Any dialogue choice would then grant an audience with the Dalish Keeper.

Later on, in the West Brecilian Forest the Warden may encounter Deygan. If they elect to help him, Mithra will come with a group of hunters to take him back to the camp. She will thank the Warden for their assistance.

If the Warden sides with the werewolves and attacks the Dalish camp, Mithra will also fight alongside the other dalish elves and is killed.

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  • "What business could we Dalish possibly have with a group like yours?"
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