Ser Gilmore gives the quest Mischief in the Larder to the Warden during the Human Noble origin story. The Warden's mother has tasked the two of them to retrieve Dog from the kitchen larder, where he is annoying Nan, the cook.

Acquisition Edit

The Warden encounters Ser Gilmore near either the library or the dining hall in Castle Cousland after exiting the main hall.

Walkthrough Edit

Proceed north to the kitchen to initiate a discussion with Nan the cook. Upon entering the larder, there will be a short dialogue with Dog after which 14 rats will come out. They don't present any challenge whatsoever, but still drop 27 XP each. To prevent it from getting wasted, set Dog's and Ser Gilmore's tactics on Enemy => Any => Wait (or Enemy => Rank => Critter => Wait) as soon as the dialogue finishes. This will prevent your companions from attacking, leaving you free to kill all rats yourself.

If you try to head to Fergus before this quest is completed, your mother will not let you past her until you have dealt with your dog.

If you speak with Nan afterwards she will tell you a story about a hound that was too prideful and got killed for it.

Result Edit

  • Dog joins you as a companion.
  • You receive 500 XP reward in addition to XP you have obtained from killing rats.
  • You are now free to talk to Fergus.

Bugs Edit

  • There is a glitch that occurs when tasked with finding your mabari in the larder. The northern door leading to the kitchen area will be locked and nothing will open it. To avoid this, allow Ser Gilmore to automatically talk to the player after the previous battle instead of manually engaging in conversation with him first. If you find yourself in this bug however, you must reload an older save or simply restart the entire origin story.

Trivia Edit

  • Ser Gilmore remarks that slaying giant rats is "like the beginning of every bad adventure tale" his grandfather told him. This is a reference to the common trope where an adventurer begins his tale by battling oversized vermin.

Gallery Edit

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