Mischa is a surface dwarf living in the City of Amaranthine.

Background Edit

Mischa used to be part of the Merchant caste in Orzammar and believed that the casteless dwarves turn to crime because they have no other option. One day she caught Sigrun stealing a leg of nug and instead of telling the shopkeeper, she paid for it. Since then she employed Sigrun in her shop and constantly sent her for errands in order to keep her occupied. Sigrun believes that Mischa did so because she believed that if the casteless were left idle, they would return to their former state of criminal behavior.[1]

However this didn't last for long as one day the Carta stole a gold statuette of House Bemot depicting their Paragon. The Carta leader, Beraht, forced Sigrun to hide the statuette in Mischa's shop. In order to convince Sigrun, he blackmailed her that if she refused to do it, he would have Mischa killed. Eventually the statuette was found in Mischa's shop, however luckily for her, House Bemot did not push for her execution so she was exiled into the surface.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

During Sigrun's personal quest, Sigrun's Roguish Past, the Warden-Commander and Sigrun can encounter Mischa on the streets of Amaranthine, in the east right, after the entrance is passed. She is quite hostile towards Sigrun while she reveals that she now works for a tanner before the conversation is ended.

Back to Vigil's Keep, Sigrun will admit that she feels very bad about what happened to Mischa and will ask the Commander to find her in order to make amends. Should the Warden-Commander agree to her request, Mischa will be found in the Crown and Lion.

There, Sigrun will give a gold ring to Mischa which bears the crest of House Vollney and explain that it was given to her by her friend Varlan Vollney who was a noble before he joined the Legion. The intention is that Mischa can sell this ring and make some money in order to start a new business. Misca will be pleased telling Sigrun that she did the right thing. Alternatively, the Commander can tell Sigrun to keep the ring and instead give some sovereigns to Mischa. The latter will claim that the ring is worth at least 20 sovereigns so the Commander can:

  • Persuade her to accept 15 DAO goldpiece trans as the ring is old. (this requires Expert Coercion)
  • Give her 20 DAO goldpiece trans.
  • Give her 30 DAO goldpiece trans.
If Mischa is given money instead, she will also commend that Sigrun has a true friend and advise her not to ruin this friendship.

Notes Edit

  • Mischa had business dealings with Janar and she used to send Sigrun in those errands.[1]

References Edit

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