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“You got a bed for the night? You taken care of? (coughs)”

Miriam can be found on the far side of the camp behind the caged criminal. She is an elder of the village of Lothering and has her hands full trying to make sure the refugees have their immediate needs cared for, and that they aren't turning to petty theft, or worse. The Warden can talk to her for information about what is happening in Lothering.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

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Dragon Age: Origins.

She offers the quest More Than Just Plants as she needs help in order to provide care for sick and injured refugees.

Note: Miriam will refuse to converse with the Warden if the party has failed a pickpocketing attempt in Lothering. This makes the quest "More Than Just Plants" impossible to obtain.
Miriam is mentioned in the map marker for Lothering in Witch Hunt, where she and the Council are slowly rebuilding Lothering.

Dragon Age II[]

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Dragon Age II.

Miriam corresponds with Hawke's mother, Leandra Amell, via letters that can be read on the letter table. Rebuilding Lothering is a lost cause due to blighted ground, so she has taken up residence in Redcliffe.


More Than Just Plants More Than Just Plants

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A Message from Lothering A Message from Lothering