What's this? A human? Did we make these tunnels tall enough for humans?

The Mines Commander is a dwarven commander who is in charge of sending out patrols into the Deep Roads and to prevent those who do not have official businesss from wandering in.

Involvement Edit

The Mines Commander prevents the Warden from accessing the Deep Roads without Lady Dace's signet ring obtained during A Prince's Favor: The First Task or being asked to find Branka as part of A Paragon of Her Kind quest line. When he's informed that the Fifth Blight has begun, he will pray to the Ancestors. Talking to him provides information about the Deep Roads, Paragon Branka, the Legion of the Dead and deepstalkers.

Notes Edit

  • He carries the crossbow Nugbane, however it is bugged and unobtainable in the ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360versions of the game, as well as the pcIcon pcversion without use of the toolset or third party mods.
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