Mine Massacre is an Act 3 secondary quest in Dragon Age II.

At The Bone Pit a High dragon has destroyed the mines and slaughtered the miners. It is up to Hawke to slay the beast to make the territory safe.

Acquisition Edit

Once you reach Act 3, speak with Hubert in Hightown's market during the day. It is also possible to bypass the conversation and go to the Bone Pit directly.

Walkthrough Edit

Hubert informs you of trouble at the mines which you co-own with him. When you arrive at the pit, you will find the camp in flaming ruins and the men all dead. Follow the first path on the right to the large open area in the south. Just before you reach the two pillars guarding the entrance to the area, the cutscene of the high dragon attacking the party starts.

See Mine Massacre (strategy) for details on defeating the high dragon.

Loot from the high dragon includes:

  • Random amount of money from 20DAO silverpiece trans to 15DAO goldpiece trans[confirmation needed]
  • High Dragon Fire Gland, which starts the Herbalist's Tasks quest
  • Heavy armor green DA2 Enchanted Resin – final upgrade for Fenris
  • Dragon's Blood Dragon's Blood – used for crafting Rune of Devastation and Rune of Valiance
  • Mace purple DA2 The Weight
  • Dagger gold DA2 The Offhand Blade
  • Longbow gold DA2 Jackal's Longbow
  • Medium armor purple DA2 Nightingale's Lamellar Armor
  • Light gloves purple DA2 Gauntlets
  • Heavy gloves gold DA2 Ashen Gauntlets
  • Ring gold DA2 Ring of the Emerald Knights

Depending on Hawke's class, the chestpiece of the Mantle of the Champion:

  • Light armor purple DA2 Robes of the Champion for mages
  • Medium armor purple DA2 Arms of the Champion for rogues
  • Heavy armor purple DA2 Warplate of the Champion for warriors

After the fight, return to Hubert to inform him that the men and equipment were destroyed by the dragon. Choices in this conversation have no effect on experience, companion friendship/rivalry, or other outcomes.

Rewards Edit

  • 1500 XP (for the fight)
  • 1500 XP (quest completion from Hubert)

Result Edit

The high dragon is slain. Hawke can take control of the mines from Hubert (this has no effect in the game).

Bugs Edit

  • If you go straight to the Bone Pit and fight the dragon without speaking to Hubert, he will not be marked by a quest marker. However, if you speak to him, the quest will be completed.
  • pcIcon pcxbox360Icon xbox360 Sometimes, when the high dragon is killed, its body will appear to be unlootable. The loot point can spawn away from its body and, if you search the battlefield using targeting (pcIcon pc[TAB] / xbox360Icon xbox360[LT]) you can find the loot point marked as "High Dragon" floating on empty ground.
  • pcIcon pc It is possible for a rogue to use Vendetta to attack the dragon while perched on the cliff. However, the rogue will be stuck there.
  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 1.04 The dragon may get stuck after you clear a wave of Dragonlings. You won't be able to target it, and the dragon will stay on the ledge and only use its fire spit. It may be possible to find an area where the targeting works. The dragon will come down after being attacked, and the fight will continue as normal. [1]
  • xbox360Icon xbox360ps3Icon ps3 When defeating the dragon, the cutscene in which it is slain may show Hawke defeating an invisible entity.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 The dragon may not have the chestpiece for any of the classes.[confirmation needed]
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 The achievement for "Slaying a High Dragon" may not unlock.[confirmation needed]
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Sometimes the dragon may drop all three variations of the Mantle of the Champion chestpiece, regardless of class.

References Edit

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