Minderel is a one-armed dwarf who works for a dwarven smith guild.

Involvement Edit

Under orders from his colleague, Frendel, Minderel was supposed to follow Gleam and persuade her to forge more magical weapons on behalf of their guild. If she refuses or prove too much trouble, he was to remove her as competition or turn her over to the templars. Minderel made Gleam the offer to join his organization but because they wouldn't take in Datlin and Agmo with her, she refused. Minderel has been following her ever since and secretly aiding Gleam and her companions escape trouble. When the templars finally caught up with Gleam's party, Minderel helped her and her brother Agmo escape. They sought refuge in the Deep Roads to escape their templar pursuers.

The Deep Roads however are full of dangers; dangers that Gleam and her companions barely escaped from with their lives. Minderel in particular, suffered a major wound in his leg from a battle with a dire Corrupted spider. Gleam was able to set the bone straight and healed his leg but she also inadvertently grew back his arm; albeit not grown as big as his other arm. By chance or fate, Gleam encountered the very brigands that murdered her adopted family in the Deep Roads. A battle ensued as Gleam tried to avenge her parents. The Brigands were more formidable however, as they had magi and a blood mage with in their ranks. Gleam was subdued and the brigand leader planned to turn Gleam over to the "Man of Light". It looked as if Minderel was about to be executed and Gleam taken prisoner but Agmo returned in the nick of time with templar reinforcements. The brigands were subdued and they were later hanged for their crimes. Gleam's family was finally avenged. Gleam, Agmo, and Minderel were taken back to Kinloch Hold.

To avoid political backlash from Orzammar, Minderel was placed under house arrest and currently lives and works at Kinlock Hold as punishment for aiding and abetting Gleam.

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