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Minaeve is an elven mage scholar who serves as the head creature researcher for the reformed Inquisition.


Minaeve was born into a Dalish elf clan, at the age of seven she was cast out into the wilderness after displaying magical ability as her Dalish clan keeps a limit on mages to avoid attracting too much attention. Shaken and malnourished she eventually came upon a human village, but when the humans discovered her using magic to repel woodland predators, they attempted to kill her. The templars stepped in however and she was taken to a mage Circle. Never particularly good at magic Minaeve spent most of her time in the Circle studying as an apprentice. Minaeve speculates she was a year or so from undergoing her Harrowing. When her circle rebelled during the Mage-Templar War, Minaeve gathered a small group of tranquil and fled. Eventually she and her wards found themselves under the protection of Cassandra Pentaghast, and when the Inquisition was reformed she signed on as head creature researcher.


Minaeve can be found in Haven's chantry where the Inquisitor can deliver enemy remains for her to research.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

During Corypheus's assault on Haven, Minaeve is pinned down alongside Adan next to a cart of combustible materials as a trail of fire approaches. If the Inquisitor fails to free her, she will be killed when the cart explodes. Whether or not she survives, when the Inquisition moves to Skyhold she is replaced by the tranquil mage Helisma Derington. If she survived, Minaeve can occasionally be found elsewhere in Skyhold; she mentions that she is focusing on her studies and directs the Inquisitor to Helisma.


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