Micah is an elven hunter who went hunting with Colbert.

Involvement Edit

Micah is involved in the main quest Last of the Legion.

Captain Garevel refers the Warden to Colbert and his friend Micah, saying they could have information on an odd chasm they found.

When speaking to the two, the Warden discovers that Micah fell in the chasm at the same moment darkspawn were passing by. However, for an unknown reason they ignored him. This chasm turns out to be an entrance to the Deep Roads.

Micah is also involved in the quest Lucky Charms. The Warden can find Micah's Lucky Deer Foot and return it to him.


Once his deer foot is returned, Micah and Colbert will depart.

Quotes Edit

  • "I like eggs"
  • "Going to rain soon, bring your coat"
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