"I haven't taken my Joining yet, but I look forward to fighting at your side.

Mhairi is a female human warrior and Grey Warden recruit. She is a temporary companion at the beginning of Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.


When Mhairi was a child, she was enraptured by tales of kings and nobles. All she wanted was to be like them, to fight for what she believed. Betrothed to a trader when she turned 16, she saw the life that lay ahead of her and enlisted in the army instead. Her fierce loyalty and devotion to Ferelden earned her the love and respect of her commanders and brothers-in-arms and she was eventually knighted.[1]

Loghain's betrayal of King Cailan and his death hit Mhairi hard, and when she learned of the two Grey Wardens who quelled the Blight almost single-handedly, she vowed to serve the Wardens. When the call came for volunteers to help rebuild the order in the Arling of Amaranthine, Mhairi jumped at the chance to join.


Mhairi was serving at Vigil's Keep under the Orlesian Grey Wardens who were assigned to Ferelden to help re-establish the order there. Oghren was present at the Vigil at the same time and Mhairi found herself irritated by his cavalier attitude. She was assigned to escort the new Warden-Commander to Vigil's Keep. Upon returning to discover the fortress under assault, Mhairi will assist the Warden-Commander in clearing the Keep of darkspawn. If engaged in conversation, Mhairi will mention that she hasn't gone through her Joining yet.

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

During the defense of Vigil's Keep, Mhairi and the Warden-Commander will encounter her friend, Rowland, a knight from Denerim who was recruited by the Grey Wardens, who has been fatally wounded by the Darkspawn. Mhairi swears to avenge his death.

Despite her enthusiasm for the Wardens, Mhairi does not survive the Joining ritual.

The Warden can get an approval increase or decrease of +13 or -25 with her before the first Joining, without the use of gifts. The Warden only has to tell her that they will kill the darkspawn anyway and care about the wounded Rowland, or threaten her to be left behind and voting for an early death of Rowland. Her approval can be increased further using gifts imported with a character from Origins. Unlike other party members, her approval bonus for multiple gifts does not appear to decrease but high approval also does not give her any attribute bonus.

Initial statistics

A Champion fighting with sword and shield, Mhairi acts as primary warrior for the first part of the campaign.


  • Mhairi (pronounced Mah-ree, not My-ree) is a Scots Gaelic name. An 'h' is added when the name is used in the vocative case (i.e. someone called Mairi is being addressed by someone else). This is called lenition and has the effect of softening the consonant so that the pronunciation becomes 'Vah-ree'.
  • Mhairi is the only temporary companion whose approval increases and decreases.
  • Her helmet also remains present in dialog cutscenes if equipped.


When you start a game in Awakening, she will be knocked out while your game is saving for the first time. pcpcps3ps3xbox360xbox360

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  1. Varel will mention this during Velanna's Joining.
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