Metal Shard is an ingredient used in Trap-Making to craft consumables in Dragon Age: Origins.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Can be donated to the Allied Supply Crates at Party Camp for XP and to improve the Dalish elf troops during the final battle.

Uses[edit | edit source]


Small Caltrop Trap Small Caltrop Trap

Large Caltrop Trap Large Caltrop Trap

Poisoned Caltrop Trap Poisoned Caltrop Trap

Small Claw Trap Small Claw Trap

Large Claw Trap Large Claw Trap

Small Shrapnel Trap Small Shrapnel Trap

Large Shrapnel Trap Large Shrapnel Trap

Availability[edit | edit source]

Dragon Age: Origins[edit | edit source]

Merchant Location Quantity Price
Armor Merchant Orzammar, Diamond Quarter x4 1Silver 00Bronze
Bartender Denerim, Gnawed Noble Tavern x5 1Silver 30Bronze
Blacksmith Redcliffe, Blacksmith's Store x5 1Silver 20Bronze
Garin Orzammar, Orzammar Commons x6 1Silver 30Bronze
Gorim Denerim, Denerim Market District x8 / x8 (restocked) 1Silver 10Bronze
Herren Denerim, Wade's Emporium x4 1Silver 30Bronze
Ilen Dalish Camp, Dalish Elf Origin x2 1Silver 10Bronze
Innkeeper Lake Calenhad Docks, The Spoiled Princess x2 1Silver 20Bronze
Janar Orzammar, Janar Armorers x10 2Silver 00Bronze
Levi Dryden Soldier's Peak, Warden's Keep x5 1Silver 20Bronze
Old Tegrin Gentle Path, Random Encounter x5 1Silver 20Bronze
Olinda Orzammar Commons, Dwarf Commoner Origin x2 1Silver 00Bronze
Owen Redcliffe, Blacksmith's Store x4 / x4 (upgraded) 1Silver 30Bronze /
1Silver 10Bronze (upgraded)
Quartermaster Ostagar x5 1Silver 15Bronze
Quartermaster Circle Tower, Apprentice Quarters x3 1Silver 20Bronze

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[edit | edit source]

Merchant Location Quantity Price
Glassric the Weaponsmith City of Amaranthine x99 (unlimited) 1Silver 20Bronze
Herren Vigil's Keep, Courtyard x99 (unlimited) 1Silver 20Bronze

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you plan on making traps then you should always buy all of the Metal Shards a Merchant has to sell. There are no merchants that sell unlimited Metal Shards so the only shards you will find are the finite amount merchants have to sell, random items in chests and bodies, and from stealing.
  • Purchasing Metal Shards from the Armor Merchant does not have lasting value as all non-DLC equipment is lost after A Noble Expedition is concluded during the Dwarf Noble Origin.
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