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“Need a message delivered? Fastest in Denerim!”

The Messenger is a boy who delivers notes between people in Denerim and provides distractions. He is, apparently, quite enthusiastic about his job - as evidenced by the advertisements he shouts to all who will listen.


The messenger boy will give an Anonymous Letter to the Warden in the Denerim Market District on behalf of Master Ignacio, starting The Trial of Crows quest.

The boy can also be bribed with 10Silver to distract the guards of Master Tilver during the sub-quest Steal Master Tilver's key of the Crime Wave quest line.


The Trial of Crows The Trial of Crows
Market Day Market Day (conditional)


  • Conversing with the boy during Steal Master Tilver's key quest will also activate the quest The Trial of Crows if it had not been activated already. This will still happen even if the original prerequisites for it to start are not met.