It’s a Keeper’s job to remember, even the dangerous things.

Merrill is an elven mage and a temporary companion to the Dalish elf Warden during the Dalish Elf Origin and a companion and romance option for a male or female[1] Hawke in Dragon Age II.[2]



Merrill was born to the Alerion clan, which wandered the hills of Nevarra. She was the third child of the clan with the ancient gift (magic) born to her- when the next Arlathvenn (gathering of clans) occurred, she was given to the Sabrae clan to be the First to Keeper Marethari.

Dalish elf

Merril in Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins

Merrill is the First, or apprentice, of the clan's Keeper, Marethari. She is interested in recovering the elves' lost lore and possesses some knowledge of the elves' old magic. You first meet her during the Dalish Elf origin story.

Dragon Age II

The Keepers of the Dalish are the masters of ancient lore and guardians of old secrets. Merrill can recite all of known elven history and navigate the Fade, but has very little experience with the world or even her own people. Now in a foreign land, surrounded by dangers and hostile races on all sides, Merrill must restore the glory and heritage of her people, whatever the cost.[2]

Following the events of the Dalish elf origin, Merrill kept a fragment of the Eluvian to cleanse it of its taint.


Dragon Age: Origins


Dragon Age II

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

In Dragon Age II Merrill is described as a respected member of her clan, but her position as Marethari's heir has kept her slightly apart from the others.[3] If the warden was of the Dalish Elf origin story, she will mention her awkwardness around humans stems from Duncan taking away her friend to become the Warden during her life in Ferelden.

Flemeth's amulet in the quest Long Way Home serves a purpose in how you first meet Merrill, she will be involved in a ritual that Hawke is to perform on a mountain-top altar. In the ritual, Merrill recites the song In Uthenera, a poem for the departed. The song is the same as the one Leliana sings to the Warden after the quest Nature of the Beast. The ritual actually entails the resurrection of Flemeth as a portion of her essence was revealed to have been embedded into the amulet. Merrill then abandons her clan after the ceremony so she can reconstruct the Eluvian - the one from the dalish elf origin (Dragon Age: Origins). She leaves her clan because of extreme disagreements between herself and the Keeper regarding fixing the Eluvian. Her efforts to fix the mirror are what caused her to turn to blood magic, it was the only way she could access enough power to cleanse the mirror of the taint that affected the Dalish elf Warden. In doing so, she believed that she'd be able to restore at least a piece of elven history. [4]

As Hawke soon discovers, Merrill is no ordinary Keeper, but in fact a Blood Mage, and has been given permission by Marethari to leave her increasingly-hostile clan in order to learn more about the outside world and continue her studies. She has learned blood magic from a Pride Demon imprisoned atop Sundermount. She has become convinced that her efforts to understand blood magic are necessary for the survival of the Dalish, and faces the scorn and contempt of her clanmates as a result. Initially nervous when arriving in Kirkwall, Merrill finds lodging in the city's Alienage and joins Hawke's party.

In the quest, "Mirror Image", Merrill seeks Hawke's help in facing Marethari to request an Arulin'Holm to help complete the Eluvian. She even invoked an ancient elven rite, to perform whatever task she wished, to accomplish this. Reluctantly, Marethari requests that they slay a Varterral that had killed a number of their hunters. While exploring the Varterral's lair, they ran into Pol, who ran at the sight of Merrill, straight into the Varterral itself. After killing the Varterral and returning to camp, it is discovered that Marethari had warned her clan that Merrill may potentially bring back the darkspawn taint.

On the Quest "Night Terrors", if you take Merrill with you into the Fade, the Pride Demon will offer her power if she turned on you. Regardless of Hawke's standing with Merrill she will turn hostile and you will be forced to kill her within the Fade (although she is still available as a party member once you leave). A cut-scene will then be available at her home when you return.

In the quest, "A New Path", the keeper will sacrifice herself to keep Merrill from harm, independent of whether you warn her of Merrill's plan or not. It turns out that the demon was intending to use the Eluvian as a way out of its prison and Merrill would've been its first victim. Afterwards the clan will confront Hawke and Merrill about the Keeper's disappearance eventually discovering that she is dead. If Hawke blames the Keeper's possession or orders the clan to stand down they will attack and force Hawke and Merrill to kill them in order to survive. However if Hawke takes responsibility for Merrill's actions the clan will simply force them to leave and never come back.

Back in the Alienage, Merrill is crushed. If you are in a rivalry with her, she bemoans the fact that she was too "stupid and ignorant" to listen, or if in a friendship, that they were. She then shatters the Eluvian.

In the final battle she willfully joins in for the mages and pleads for Anders to be spared after he destroys the Chantry to set things right, though it is possible for her to side with Hawke if he/she chooses to side with the Templars with a high enough friendship or rivalry score.


A Romance with Merrill will require 50% friendship/rivalry by act 2, also like every other romance flirting is important, flirt at least once before or during the Questioning Beliefs mid-point relationship conversation in Act 2. You may not get the flirt option if you do not have enough friendship/rivalry. After the Questioning Beliefs has finished, Merrill will visit the Hawke Estate in the evening if her friendship/rivalry level remains at least 50% or more, Flirt with her to initiate the romance and invite her to move in with the PC. Then max out her friendship/rivalry to 100% and do her companion quest and give her both gifts (Halla Carving and Sylvanwood Ring) to complete the romance.

If there is a successful romance, she may end up being kidnapped by Grace in Act 3. Provided she survives everything, she does give Hawke a kiss during the final battle.

In the epilogue Varric will state that due to circumstances after the fight between the Templars and Mages they all had to leave the Champion's side, "Except Merrill of course."

Note: There are bugs regarding Merrill's romance, see the Bugs Section.

The following quests have flirtation dialog options with Merrill
Act 1:
Welcome Home

Act 2:
Mirror Image, Back From Sundermount, Questioning Beliefs


You can typically gain Friendship Points with Merrill by: 1.) Siding with the Mages or the Elves in quests. 2.) Choosing options that favor blood magic. 3.) By being agreeable to her in conversation. Listed below are some specific ways to earn Merrill's friendship.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Act 1:

Act of Mercy Tell Grace that you will distract the Templar (Thrask). Choose the agreeable options and then "Murder is too far." This will earn you Friendship small : friendship (+20) (Confirmed).

An Errant Letter Keeping Thrask's secret: Friendship small : friendship (+10) (Confirmed)

Enemies Among Us The final conversation with Cullen in the Gallows Courtyard can earn up to Friendship small : friendship (+20) friendship points. In the beginning of the conversation, respond "Not all mages are like that" and you will receive Friendship small : friendship (+10). Later in the conversation, choose the response "You're wrong" and you will receive Friendship small : friendship (+10).

Finders Keepers Attempt to trick the guards at Woodrow's Warehouse: Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Magistrate's Orders Choosing to kill Keldar: Friendship small : friendship (+10)

Shepherding Wolves Accept the quest from Sister Petrice: Friendship small : friendship (+10); Refuse to hand Ketojan over: Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Tranquility Promise not to harm Anders: Friendship small : friendship (+5).

Wayward Son Telling Vincento to make it up to his son: Friendship small : friendship (+10) Choosing to let Feynriel go free: Friendship small : friendship (+10)

Visiting the Gallows with Fenris in the party will initiate a dialogue amongst your party members. If Merrill is present, choose the "It is wrong to oppress Mages" option: Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Bait and Switch Let Merrill defend herself at the end: Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Act 2

Forbidden Knowledge Choose to use or take each evil tome in the sidequest: Friendship small : friendship (+5) for each tome not destroyed while Merrill is in the party

Night Terrors Tell Marethari that you will not kill Feynriel: Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Wooden Halla If you are already on the path of friendship with Merrill, then any response will earn you a Friendship small : friendship (+15)

Act 3

A New Path: When talking to Merrill to initiate the quest, agree without suggesting she talk to the keeper first Friendship small : friendship (+10)
A New Path: Ask Marethari how to fix the eluvien Friendship small : friendship (+10)
A New Path: After the battle with the demon tell Merrill that Marethari was stupid Friendship small : friendship (+10)


Rivalry with Merrill can generally be earned by siding with the templars or the Circle or by being contrary in conversation or siding against blood magic. Listed below are some specific ways to earn a rivalry with Merrill.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Act 1

Act of Mercy Telling Grace to go back to the circle: Rivalry small : rivalry (+10)

Wayward Son Convince Feynriel to go the Circle: Rivalry small : rivalry (+10)

Welcome Home "Don't Thank Me": Rivalry small : rivalry (+5)

Magistrate's Orders Choosing to help Keldar: Rivalry small : rivalry (+10)

Act 2:

Forbidden Knowledge Destroy each evil tome in the sidequest: Rivalry small : rivalry (+10) for each tome destroyed while Merrill is in the party

Mirror Image Refuse to do the quest.Rivalry small : rivalry (+30) The quest will still be available, though.
Mirror Image: Tell Merrill that Pol ran away from her because he is a Coward,(aggressive option), after defeating the varterral.Rivalry small : rivalry (+25)

Wooden Halla If you are already on the path of Rivalry with Merrill, then any response will earn you a Rivalry small : rivalry (+15)

Back from Sundermount After NOT giving the Arulin'Holm to Merrill (as the Keeper requests); Tell Merrill that you are trying to help her (agreeable tactful option), or that she can't complete the mirror (wry, humourous or witty option): You get Rivalry small : rivalry (+25) for either of these.

Telling Merrill you don't trust her with the tool (aggressive option) instead, only nets you Rivalry small : rivalry (+10).

Act 3:

A New Path: When talking to Merrill to initiate the quest, suggest she talk to the keeper first Rivalry small : rivalry (+10)
A New Path: Telling the rest of her clan that you will take responsibility for Merrill's actions Rivalry small : rivalry (+15)
A New Path: After the battle with the demon, tell Merrill that she should have listened Rivalry small : rivalry (+15)


See Companions Armor(Dragon Age II) for a list of all Companion Armor upgrades.

In Dragon Age II, you cannot change what armor your companions wear but you can upgrade it. Merrill's armor may be upgraded by using the gift mechanics in Dragon Age II. You will find companion armor upgrades that can be purchased at shops in the tab designated by the Gem Icon. Her armor has four slots available for upgrades. These upgrades may be purchased or found at various locations in the game. Upgrading a companion's armor once unlocks the "A Friend In Need" achievement and fully upgrading a companion's armor unlocks the "I Got Your Back" achievement.

Merrill's armor upgrades can be found at the following locations:

An alternate armor is automatically equipped after romancing Merrill with either full friendship or rivalry, possibly referencing the fact that with Hawke's assistance she is now able to afford new armor and clothing. It is a set of silver/white chain-mail with plate shoulder and elbow pads and leather robes with a light blue sash around her waist. This armor is called Raiments of the Dalish Pariahand replaces her previous armor set, 'Vestments of the First'. Interestingly, if she is wearing Raiments of the Dalish Pariah and is kidnapped in Act 3, she will be seen wearing 'Vestments of the First' when you go to save her.

Initial statistics (Origins)

Class: Mage

Specialization: N/A

Starting spells/skills: Herbalism, Combat Tactics

Mage: Arcane Bolt

Primal: Flame Blast, Flaming Weapons

Entropy: Weakness

Initial Gear (Origins)

Acolyte's Staff may refer to the following staves in Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II:

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Ico armor robe Tevinter Mage Robes

Talent Trees


Main article: Merrill/Dialogue
  • (Approaching the Qunari Compound) "They're so big and grim! What do you suppose would happen if I tickled one of them ?"
  • (After falling in battle) "I've got so many bruises now; they have names and families."
  • "It’s a Keeper’s job to remember, even the dangerous things."
  • "Why do they call this a brothel? Does it have something to do with broth?"
  • (To Hawke) "If you were Dalish, our people would have a kingdom by now. ... And half of Thedas would be attacking us. So maybe things worked out for the best."
  • "By the Dread Wolf! Why is my house always a mess when people are here? It's clean sometimes, I swear."
  • (inside the Hanged Man tavern) "Isabela said the next time we came here, she would teach me to do something called... "body shots"?"
  • (Passing through the Lowtown Bazaar) "The merchants here keep trying to sell me shoes. I don't know why."
  • "If you hadn't come to Sundermount that day... I can't imagine where I'd be now."
  • "When I thought they were going to lock me up, the one thing I knew I couldn't live without... was you." (To Hawke during Best Served Cold, if she was kidnapped by Grace AND in a romance with Hawke)
  • (Merrill): More demons. Feynriel's dreams draw them like pastries draw Varric. (During the quest Night Terrors.)
  • Hawke: Handprints? Has someone been swinging on the chandelier? Merrill... (Only if romancing Merrill, otherwise refers to Sandal)
  • Hawke: I think Merrill named this falcon sculpture Finnegan. No, wait... that's wrong. Finnegan's on the north face. This one's Messerre Pointy-Face.
  • Hawke: The only thing Merrill's moved in. Maybe she doesn't feel this is her home yet.
  • Hawke: Orana's a patient music teacher, but Merrill should really just stick to magic.
  • Hawke: "I came in and watered your plants! Lots of love, Merrill." That girl's way too nice.(Only if romancing Merrill)
  • Hawke: "I came in and watered your plants! Your friend, Merrill." Well, that was nice of her.(Only if not romancing Merrill)

(While Hawke is exploring/looking at things in his/her mansion.)


  • (Hawke): (to Aveline) "You never mentioned how your three week honeymoon in Orlais went."
  • (Aveline) "I know"
  • (Merrill) "Then how did it go? Oh.. 'giggles' "
  • (Guard): Shit! A fire could destroy the loot. We have to check!
  • (Merrill): But there's not really a fire, is there?
  • (Hawke): No, Merrill. It's a trick.
  • (Merrill): Oh! That's very clever, then!
  • (the guards attacked the party)
  • (Merrill): "Pol... what was he thinking. He acted like I was a monster."
  • (Fenris): "You are a monster."
  • (Isabela): "You're not helping."
  • (Fenris): "Good."
  • (Merrill): "Does all this feel like a dream to you, too?"
  • (Hawke): "In a moment, I'll look down and discover I'm not wearing any pants."
  • (Merrill): *giggles* "The Champion of Kirkwall, going into battle naked. Why don't I ever have that dream?"



  • Mary Kirby wrote Merrill for Dragon Age II.[5]
  • According to David Gaider, Eve Myles was last on the list of "actors I specifically asked for and got on the first try".[6]
  • Merrill means shining sea in Irish Gaelic.
  • Merrill's talent, Stone's Throw may be related to Velanna's ability to disappear and reappear by being shrouded in roots.
  • If you're romancing Merrill, when you examine the handprints near the chandelier, instead of Sandal, Merrill will be said to have been swinging on it.
  • If you ask Merrill to move in to Hawke's estate, a flower is the only thing she will bring with her. You can find it in Hawke's bedroom, on the desk.
  • If you give Merrill the Halla Statuette bought from Master Ilen's store in Act 2, it will be on display on the table beside the door to her home in Act 3 and the rest of Act 2.


  • During the Dalish Origin in Dragon Age: Origins, some players may want to take Merrill's mage robes before leaving for Ostagar (remove them before speaking to Duncan in the cave, as she will be removed from the party after this dialogue). They are useful either as clothing for Morrigan later on, or as selling fodder for the Quartermaster.


  • In all the versions of Dragon Age II, at the beginning of Act 2, a bug can occur in which Merrill's companion quest "Mourning" appears in the journal as complete. This appears to be triggered by taking your sibling into the deep roads and having them contract the taint. However, this only affects the "Mourning" dialogue. All other quests in Act 2 appear to function as normal, and it has been confirmed that this does not affect the romance. Hawke merely needs 50% friendship/rivalry in Act 2, and to flirt whenever possible.
  • In Dragon Age II after her personal quest The New Path, it may happen for the sad ending that she is stuck to your party, being locked forever. This can be fixed by either taking another quest where a party member is locked in, such as Sebastian's "Faith", or by returning home to the Hawke estate. Both methods will remove all current party members, restoring Merrill's unlocked status.
  • During Act 3, if Merrill's relationship is maxed in either direction, the conversation involving Merrill's reaction to the end of A New Path will occur, even before you start the quest, where she is upset by the death of her clan's Keeper. This can be fixed through save editing. This has also been fixed in Patch v1.02.
  • There have been some reports of an inability to gain friendship/rivalry points with Merrill. The cause is currently unknown. (It may have to do with flirting with Merrill when you first visit her home. Just try to be friendly or mean to her, depending on what you wish.)
  • There is a more trivial bug: during Act 3, Merrill will use her Cave dialogue in her own house when a conversation is not available. It is amusing hearing her mention she doesn't like it in her own home.
  • After consoling Merrill about the death of the clan, the Eluvian disappears from her home in Lowtown.
  • There have been some cases where, during the sex scene between her and Hawke, some graphical issues occur. Such reports claim that the two characters abruptly show up standing idly at the entrance to the Hawke estate, both in their intimate attire. The dialogue wheel, however, is still present and choosing any option will promptly fix the bug, placing the characters in their proper place and the scene will proceed normally.
  • Also if Hawke has sex with Isabela BUT doesn't choose to romance her, then starts romancing Merrill, everything will still function properly and you will still get the final kissing scene and achievement. However, in the epilogue cutscene, Varric will say "… all except Isabela" (or both names simultaneously) which indicates a bug, as it should be only Merrill, unless Hawke had accepted Isabela's offer of joining her on her ship, in which case Varric saying "… all except Isabela" is correct. This has also been fixed in Patch v1.02.


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