For a list of merchants in Dragon Age II, see Merchants (Dragon Age II).

The Warden has access to a precious few merchants in the game during Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening and Witch Hunt. Each has a limited stock which can vary depending on plot choices. Each charge differing prices, offering a fairly standard markup to the item's value for selling items to the party. Selling looted items to any merchant always yields the same price at one-fourth the item's value. The only exception is Armaas.

Loot sold at either the Party Camp or Warden's Keep will remain in these merchants' respective inventories. The prices you get for loot appear to be independent of whom you're selling to. Though the buyback list is cleared when the PC exits the merchant's window, the merchant will keep what was sold to them. This means that the PC can still buy items back, albeit at a higher price, as long as the merchant remains available. The party camp merchant will reset his inventory twice based on certain plot events. Consider using these merchants for items to recover some day, and avoid selling them extraneous junk, as this will make it more difficult to find useful items sold to them. The party camp merchant also has the highest prices in the early game, so avoid buying from him.

Dragon Age: Origins

Merchant City / Landmark Buy price Sell price Notable items Notes
Ademaro Dwarf Commoner Origin, Orzammar Commons 100% 25% Duster Leather Armor, Duster Leather Boots, Duster Leather Gloves, Dwarven Longsword Only available during the Dwarf Commoner Origin.
Alarith Denerim Alienage, Alarith's Store 110% 25% Staff of the Ephemeral Order, Manual: Assassin, Tome of Skill and Sundry, a gift, Recipes, Trap-Making plans Closed during Unrest in the Alienage, unless playing as city elf Grey Warden
Alimar Orzammar, Dust Town, Alimar's Emporium 140% 25% Effort's Boots, Backhands, Manual: Bard, a gift, Recipes, Unlimited Trap Trigger Will not trade if you refuse to pay him 5DAO bronzepiece trans for information about the Carta.
Armor Merchant Orzammar, Orzammar Diamond Quarter 100% 25% Dwarven Armor, Dwarven Armored Boots, Dwarven Armored Gloves, Dwarven Helmet, Dwarven Large Round Shield Only available during the Dwarf Noble Origin.
Barlin Lothering, Dane's Refuge 130% 25% Unlimited Flask and Trap Trigger, Recipes, and gifts Optional side quest: A Poisonous Proposition
Bartender Denerim, Gnawed Noble Tavern 110% 25% Ale Favors for Certain Interested Parties Quest Board
Bella Redcliffe Village, Tavern 0% N/A Wine Some supplies are free if Bella takes over tavern. Cannot sell to her.
Blacksmith Redcliffe Castle, Blacksmith's Store 120% 25% Far Song This is the new blacksmith in Redcliffe if Owen is killed or commits suicide.
Bodahn Feddic Camp 150% 25% The Spellward, The Veshialle, Manual: Ranger, Tome of Arcane Technique, Tome of Physical Technique, gifts and Runes Will sell DLC items. Stock replenishes after the night attack.
Bodahn Feddic Redcliffe Castle 110% 25% First Enchanter's Cowl (Origins), Heaven's Wrath, Master Paralyze Rune, Tome of Physical Technique Available just before The Final Battle.
Cesar Denerim, Denerim Market District 120% 25% First Enchanter Robes (Special stock), Poison-Making Recipes Special stock after The Trial of Crows.
Faryn Frostback Mountain Pass 120% 25% Knight Commander's Plate, Grandmaster Silverite Rune, a gift, Recipes, Trap-Making plans Part of Sten's Lost Sword. Sells previously owned goods.
Figor Orzammar, Figor's Imports 100% 25% Remarkable Emerald, Recipes, and Unlimited Flask Jarvia's Carta protection racket. Cannot barter until rescued.
Garin Orzammar, Orzammar Commons 130% 25% Tome of Physical Technique, The Rose's Thorn, Lifegiver, crystals, gifts including Golden Mirror Offers new items as game progresses.
Gorim Denerim, Denerim Market District 110%* 25% Backpack, Berserker Manual, Chasind Great Maul, Thorval's Luck, Camenae's Barbute, Grandmaster Silverite Rune *Discount to dwarf nobles (Buy:55% markup from selling price, Sell: Only a 10% markup). Discount to those who side with Bhelen, and take Lord Anwer Dace's discount (Sell: 25% discount)
Herren Denerim, Wade's Emporium 130% 25% Wade's Drakeskin Armor and Wade's Dragonskin Armor sets, The Felon's Coat & Evon the Great's Mail. Must offer Drake & Dragon Scales in order to purchase armor made from those materials. Must purchase The Felon's Coat & Evon the Great's Mail BEFORE commissioning Wade's Superior Drakeskin Armor Set. He will not trade with you after.
Ilen Dalish Elf Origin, Camp 100% 25% Dalish Armor Part of Dalish Elf Origin. Also will also offer free bow.
Innkeeper Lake Calenhad Docks, The Spoiled Princess 120% 25% Wine and Fire Trap Plans Provides info on Brother Genitivi sometimes
Janar Orzammar, Janar Armorers 200% 25% Trap Plans It's possible to be barred from this merchant, via Dagna.
Legnar Orzammar, Orzammar Commons 150% 25% Tome of the Mortal Vessel, Shadow of the Empire, gifts, and Trap-Making plans
Levi Dryden Soldier's Peak, Warden's Keep 120% 25% Recipes, Trap Plans and Runes Available at Soldier's Peak until quest completed.
Lloyd Redcliffe Village, Tavern 110% 25% Ale, Double-Baked Mabari Crunch Recipe Available during A Village Under Siege
Merchant Lothering, Near Chantry 160% 25% Concentrated Deathroot Extract Recipe Unlocked through persuasion or siding with merchant. You can get a discount if you take his side.
Mikhael Dryden Soldier's Peak, Warden's Keep 150% 25% Starfang (longsword) or Starfang (greatsword) Available after completing Warden's Keep
Old Tegrin Gentle Path, Random Encounter 120% 25% Trap-Making plans, Tome of Skill and Sundry and gifts This is a random highway encounter and available for multiple encounters chances.
Olinda Orzammar, Orzammar Commons 100% 25% Buys lyrium nuggets during Beraht's Favor. Only available during Dwarf Commoner Origin.
Owen Redcliffe Castle, Blacksmith's Store 130% 25% Trap Plans Unlocked with Lost in the Castle or intimidate Owen. Also he has a hidden stash.
Owen (Upgraded) Redcliffe Castle, Blacksmith's Store 110% 25% Boots of Diligence Unlocked if Valena is found and returns to the smithy.
Quartermaster Ostagar (Western side) 115% 25% Backpack, Trap Plans and Recipes Pickpocket Hardy's Belts / purchase Backpacks before and after the Joining.
Quartermaster (Other Goods) Ostagar (Western side) 200% 25% Trap Plans, Recipes and Enchanter's Staff
Quartermaster (Circle Tower) Circle Tower, Apprentice Quarters 120% 25% Staff of the Magister Lord, Tome of Arcane Technique, Backpack, Recipes, Unlimited Lyrium Dust Available after Broken Circle begins
Ruck Orzammar, Deep Roads, Ortan Thaig 300% 25% Armor of the Divine Will, Shield of the Legion, Unlimited Deep Mushroom and Lifestone, Destructionist's Belt, a gift Zevran and Oghren will encourage you to kill Ruck.
Sandal Fort Drakon, Main Floor 110% 25% First Enchanter's Cowl (Origins), Heaven's Wrath, Master Paralyze Rune Last minute merchant services during The Final Battle; also provides last-minute enchantment
Shopkeeper Haven, Village Store 120% 25% Mild Choking Powder Trap Plans
Silk Merchant Orzammar, Orzammar Diamond Quarter 120% 25% Noble Clothing, Gems Only available during the Dwarf Noble Origin.
Tranquil Proprietor Denerim, Wonders of Thedas 150% 25% Reaper's Vestments, Ring of Ages, Wintersbreath, Manual: Spirit Healer, Tome of Arcane Technique, Recipes
Varathorn Brecilian Outskirts, Dalish Camp 120% 25% Unlimited Deathroot, Elfroot and Toxin Extract, Manual: Shapeshifter, Tome of the Mortal Vessel, Tome of Skill and Sundry, a gift, Trap-Making plans, Recipes, Backpack Offers Rare Ironbark and an item. Can lose access to store if you are disliked.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Merchant City / Landmark Buy price Sell price Notable items Notes
Ambassador Cera Vigil's Keep, Throne Room 110% 25% Novice runes, rune tracings, and Manual: Battlemage Also provides enchanting services
Armaas Silverite Mines 120% 23% A collection of bombs and coatings Only available during The Righteous Path. He is the only vendor who buys items from the player for a different markdown.
Armaas (discount) Silverite Mines 105% 20% A collection of bombs and coatings The persuasion for the discount requires no coercion skills.
Bartender City of Amaranthine, The Crown and Lion Inn 110% 25% Manual: Blood Mage, Manual: Reaver
Glassric the Weaponsmith City of Amaranthine 120% 25% Manual: Legionnaire Scout
Herren Vigil's Keep, Courtyard 120% 25% Manual: Guardian
Master Henley City of Amaranthine 120% 25% Manual: Keeper
Octham the Grocer City of Amaranthine 120% 25% Spellfury, Manual: Spirit Warrior
Yuriah Vigil's Keep, Throne Room 120% 25% Manual: Shadow

Leliana's Song

Merchant City / Landmark Buy price Sell price Notable items Notes
Bonny Lem Denerim Market District, Hideout, Chantry 105% 25% Accessories, Tomes, Armor, Potions

Witch Hunt

Merchant City / Landmark Buy price Sell price Notable items Notes
Sandal Circle Tower, Apprentice Quarters 115% 25% Accessories, Rune-crafting materials, Tomes Also provides enchanting services
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