The Skyhold Mounts Merchant is a merchant in Dragon Age: Inquisition; the "stall" can be found in Skyhold.

Background[edit | edit source]

This merchant only sells mounts that are unlocked with various prerequisites. The merchant appears as a sign post that is located between the barn and the Skyhold stables found in same area as the other merchants and fast travel marker.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

The Skyhold Mounts Merchant will only become available after recruiting Master Dennet from Redcliffe Farms situated in the Hinterlands.

Mounts[edit | edit source]

Horses[edit | edit source]

Name Price
Imperial Warmblood
Imperial Warmblood Imperial Warmblood
1200 Currency (Inquisition).png
Anderfel Courser
Anderfel Courser Anderfel Courser
1200 Currency (Inquisition).png
Free Marches Ranger
Free Marches Ranger Free Marches Ranger
627 Currency (Inquisition).png
Amaranthine Charger
Amaranthine Charger Amaranthine Charger
627 Currency (Inquisition).png
Orlesian Courser
Orlesian Courser Orlesian Courser
285 Currency (Inquisition).png
Green Dales Feral
Green Dales Feral Green Dales Feral
200 Currency (Inquisition).png
Dalish All-Bred
Dalish All-Bred Dalish All-Bred
200 Currency (Inquisition).png
Taslin Strider
Taslin Strider Taslin Strider
0 Currency (Inquisition).png

Dracolisks[edit | edit source]

Name Price
Sharp-Tail Sharp-Tail
4400 Currency (Inquisition).png
Desert Lightning
Desert Lightning Desert Lightning
1800 Currency (Inquisition).png
Blue River Bane
Blue River Bane Blue River Bane
812 Currency (Inquisition).png
Basking Longma
Basking Longma Basking Longma
812 Currency (Inquisition).png
Abyssal Hang-Tooth
Abyssal Hang-Tooth Abyssal Hang-Tooth
385 Currency (Inquisition).png

Harts[edit | edit source]

Name Price
Wild Hart
Wild Hart Wild Hart
2300 Currency (Inquisition).png
Pride of Arlathan
Pride of Arlathan Pride of Arlathan
1400 Currency (Inquisition).png
Tirashan Swiftwind
Tirashan Swiftwind Tirashan Swiftwind
641 Currency (Inquisition).png
Brecilian Sure-Foot
Brecilian Sure-Foot Brecilian Sure-Foot
450 Currency (Inquisition).png

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Mounts already purchased in Haven will become available for purchase again in Skyhold. Double check the stock in the stables prior to purchasing any new mounts or you may potentially pay for the same mount twice.

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