A memory crystal is a magical object which is able to store voices and memories.

Background Edit

These crystals are of dwarven origin and are used by the Shaper of Memories, the leader of the Shaperate of Memories.

These crystals are considered to be extremely rare and according to Dorian Pavus only one or two such objects exist in Minrathous, the capital of Tevinter Imperium.

Acquisition Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If the Inquisitor recruits the templars by completing Champions of the Just, Calpernia is elevated as the leader of the Venatori.

During the quest Under Her Skin, the Inquisitor focuses on uncovering more information about her which leads them to Vicinius's Home where they can find three broken, yet functional, pieces of a memory crystal belonging to Calpernia.

If the pieces are retrieved and returned to Dagna, the dwarf will be able to partially repair the crystal and make it usable again for the Inquisition. However she claims that the Shaper of Memories is far more equipped and knowledgeable on these crystals than she is.

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