Memories of the Stone is a side quest encountered in the Trade Quarter of Kal'Hirol in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Background Edit

The dwarves of Kal'Hirol left the casteless behind when they fled to Orzammar in order to save themselves from the approaching darkspawn horde. Dailan, a dwarf who volunteered to organize the defence and buy enough time for the rest of the population to escape safely, rallied two hundred casteless for a last stand. Though the thaig was lost, Dailan felt they should be honored for their sacrifice and recorded their names on a stone tablet. Voldrik and Dworkin would be interested in seeing the tablet.

Walkthrough Edit

The quest begins in the Trade Quarter. From the entrance from the Main Hall, head east through the first room, then turn south. (From the Knotwood Hills entrance, go north to the first room, then turn east, then turn south) In this room, a ghost image of Dailan being killed by an ogre appears and nearby, there is a Stone Marker. Click on the Commemorative Marker to get the quest, then take the tablet to the courtyard of Vigil's Keep and speak with Dworkin.

If the Warden-Commander returns from Kal'Hirol with the plate that honors the casteless that died to defend Kal'Hirol, in the epilogue the dwarves of Orzammar who reclaim Kal'Hirol hold a special celebration for them, and the Warden-Commander is invited to the proceedings as a guest of honor.

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