Meeran is a character in Dragon Age II. He leads the mercenary band known as the Red Iron. He is first found in the Gallows, but moves to Lowtown (night) during Hawke's first year. He can also be found in the Blooming Rose during Act 1.


Meeran first appears toward the end of the quest "The Destruction of Lothering." Upon arrival in Kirkwall, Hawke is presented with two options for employment, one of which is to sign on with Meeran and his Red Iron; the other option is to join Athenril and her smugglers. If Hawke joins Meeran's group, the mercenary is impressed with the Fereldan refugee's skill.

Joining Meeran will grant the player the Mercenary achievement.

Meeran is seen near the Hanged Man in Lowtown at night throughout Act 1, and will offer Hawke the quest "Loose Ends." Hawke is asked to find another Red Iron mercenary, Gustav, and make sure that he completed his errand to kill Lord Harimann. However, Hawke is then faced with the choice to either kill the noble him/herself or let him go free. If Harimann is released and Hawke then tells Meeran the truth, Red Iron mercenaries will attack Hawke and company on their next visit to Lowtown at night.


  • (If Hawke chooses to assassinate Friedrich, upon informing Meeran of his death):
    Meeran: "Good. May the bloody vultures feed on his corpse and shit him into the ocean."
    Carver: (chuckles) "I'm telling you...I love this guy."
  • To Hawke during Loose Ends: Did you finally figure out being free and poor in Kirkwall ain't worth a rat's spit?
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