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Meeran is a character in Dragon Age II.


Meeran leads the mercenary band known as the Red Iron. He is first found in the Gallows, but moves to Lowtown (night) during Hawke's first year.

I'm Meeran


  • Enter Kirkwall with Meeran's help after arriving there from Lothering.
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The Destruction of Lothering

  • If Hawke aligns with Meeran, Meeran will eventually offer Hawke additional work.
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Loose Ends

  • If you accept the nobleman's bribe, and then side with the smugglers you will be ambushed by Meeran and his mercenaries at night in Lowtown. (NOTE: Meeran has an enormous amount of archers, thugs, and assassins during his attack.)


Entry into Kirkwall and the Mercenary Achievement/Trophy