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Welcome to Dragon Age Wiki! The Community Portal provides a general overview of things to do here.

The content of this wiki is written by people just like you and we would like to invite you to become part of our site. Whether it's through content editing of participating in community discussions taking place in the blogs or forums.

New editors

Be bold with your edits! You should not feel uncertain with something you wish to add or remove. The wiki is a collaborative project allows other users to review your edits and possibly tweak or improve them if needed.

How to help out

If you are interested in contributing, take a moment to read our policies and guidelines.

There are several areas in the wiki that you might like to help out. The following are the most common:

  • Projects: When a project is active, the contributors are encouraged to actively participate in it.
  • Additions: Adding new information.
  • Maintenance: Cleaning up and other general maintenance around the wiki.
  • News sharing: Dragon Age is constantly being developed and you are welcomed to post in a news blog any new information.
  • Picture uploading: Uploading in-game screenshots or official images from other sources.


There are no active projects running at this time.


Wanted pages


Note: For regular editors, the Recent Changes feature is also quite helpful in order to track the latest changes in the wiki.

Picture uploading

Wiki-related discussions

Editors are also welcomed to express their opinions in on-going proposals or discussions, especially when they need to reach a consensus. Such discussions may take place in the forums, or in a talk page.

These are the currently ongoing or unresolved discussions.

Unimplemented motions

The following motions have passed but they have not been yet fully implemented in wiki pages. Editors are encouraged to implement them.

These are the currently unimplemented motions.

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