The Vigil's always been here. Since the barbarians, they say. Who knows what's at the bottom?

Sergeant Maverlies is one of the officers in charge of the soldiers at Vigil's Keep. She is right outside the entrance to the basement, and offers the quest It Comes From Beneath.

Involvement Edit

Maverlies will tell the Warden-Commander that the explosions caused by Dworkin Glavonak during the first darkspawn assault on Vigil's Keep may have trapped some darkspawn underground, and that they may find their way out. She ask the Warden-Commander to clear the darkspawn out to ensure the safety of the keep.

She does not seem to be very fond of Dworkin, as he was the one who set off the bombs and she refers to him as "that mad dwarf" and "that blasted Dworkin".

During the second darkspawn assault on the Vigil, Maverlies may help the Warden-Commander during battle, by taking command of the Vigil's archers.

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