Master of Horses is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Horsemaster Dennet may be able to provide horses for the Inquisition. He just needs to be convinced.

Acquisition Edit

Unlocked upon arriving in the Hinterlands and establishing Outskirts Camp.

Walkthrough Edit

Redcliffe Farms is located north-west of the Crossroads. You may wish to speak to the people of the Crossroads to collect other side quests before venturing that way.

Note: The journey to Redcliffe Farms has many small battles; you may consider completing the quests Templars to the West and Apostates in Witchwood before continuing, otherwise fights will continuously respawn.

Upon arrival at Redcliffe Farms, Master Dennet is located inside his home west of the stables upon a hill. Speak to him to progress the quest and he will tell you that you need a better horse and direct you to his stables. Go to the stables and mount your new Fereldan Forder and this will complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 177 XP
  • 80 Influence
  • 1 Power

Results Edit

After speaking with Master Dennet

The conversation also unlocks the following


Dennet: You'll have mounts once I know they won't end up as a cold winter's breakfast.

  • I agree with your terms.
  • You assume we have the time - DAIApproval Blackwall Slightly Disapproves
  • This is foolish. - DAIApproval Sera Slightly Approves, DAIApproval Blackwall Slightly Disapproves

Notes Edit

  • If you opted to not clear out the surrounding area, securing the Redcliffe Farms Camp would facilitate easier travel.
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