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Master Archer is a rogue and warrior talent from the Melee Archer tree in Dragon Age: Origins.


  • Deadly with both bows and crossbows, master archers receive additional benefits when using various Archery abilities.
    • Aim: +5 attack, +2 armor penetration, +1 damage.
    • Defensive Fire: +15 defense.
    • Crippling Shot: +15 attack.
    • Critical Shot: +10 armor penetration.
    • Arrow of Slaying: +15 attack.
    • Rapid Shot: Increases the aiming speed bonus by 100%.
    • Shattering Shot: Additional reduction of -10 to the target's armor.
    • Eliminates the penalty to ranged attack speed when wearing heavy chest armor, although massive chest armor still carries the penalty. Equipping massive helms, gloves and boots will not affect ranged attack speed in any noticeable way.

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