Mary Kirby works at BioWare and is one of the main writers of the Dragon Age franchise. She has a degree in Creative Writing from the Erie campus of Penn State University. She joined BioWare in 2006.[1]

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Kirby is responsible for writing Ser Cauthrien, Sten, and the majority of Loghain Mac Tir. She also wrote the Landsmeet quest line and large sections of the Chant of Light.

Dragon Age II Edit

In Dragon Age II, she is responsible for writing Merrill[2] and Varric Tethras.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

She wrote Vivienne and Varric Tethras in Dragon Age: Inquisition.[3] She also wrote, along with Sylvia Feketekuty, the mutually-exclusive quests In Hushed Whispers and Champions of the Just.[4]

Dragon Age: Hard in Hightown Edit

In 2018, she published a real-world, illustrated version of Varric's story Hard in Hightown under the joint byline of "Varric Tethras with Mary Kirby." According to an interview[5], she found the most "Varric-like" parts of the story the easiest to write, as she's very used to writing in his voice. She also said that the title of the story is a play on the movie Die Hard.

Other Works Edit

Kirby contributed to the writing of Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 2.

Trivia Edit

  • She lists her interests as zombie kittens, world domination, and cake.
  • She has stated that her favorite Star Trek series is Deep Space Nine.
  • She has three cats, all of whom are orange and all of whom have fandom names. One is called Varric; the other two are Fizzgig (after the character from The Dark Crystal) and Steven (as in Universe). She regularly shares photos of them on her Twitter.
  • She is a self-confessed coffee addict.

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