Martyr is Anders' spell from his unique Vengeance specialization in Dragon Age II.

Information[edit | edit source]

  • Spells currently on cooldown have 20% of their total cooldown removed from the time remaining
  • Health: -5%
  • Mana regeneration: 5%

Bugs and exploits[edit | edit source]

  • Martyr can be triggered by tactics even when Vengeance is not active. This allows one to exploit a rapid heal tactic.
  • Martyr, like Bolster, has no cooldown and can be used in rapid succession only limited by animation time.
  • Martyr takes 20% of Heal's cooldown (default: 8s) off its remaining cooldown time. Five casts of Martyr will fully cooldown Heal.
  • Martyr drains 5% of Anders's total health. Aid Allies replenishes 25% of every party member's health, including Anders.
    • This means that Martyr may be cast 5 times in succession and then Anders may cast Aid Allies to restore the lost health. 25% of Anders's mana will also be restored.
      After this, Heal may be cast again on a hurt ally and the cycle restarted. This creates a Heal similar to Dragon Age: Origins in cooldown time.
      If Anders has 320 mana, 80 mana will be regenerated during the cycle which will cover both Aid Allies and Heal. Because of this high mana requirement, this may drain mana rapidly. This does not account for mana regeneration.
    • An Example:
1) Self: Health < 75% -> Aid Allies
2) Ally: Health < 75% -> Heal
2) Ally: Health < 75% -> Martyr
This will first check if Anders' health has fallen under 75% and if so, heal him. It will then check if an ally's health is under 75% and if so, he will cast Heal on them. If, and only if, Heal is in cooldown he will cast Martyr until Heal is available again. This is made sure by using the same condition, Ally: Health < 75%, before Martyr. If Heal fails due to cooldown, the ally will still be hurt, the condition will still be met and he will cast Martyr until he may heal. If no ally needs healing then both will be skipped.
If you wish to expend the mana, or regeneration is not an issue, you may wish to set the threshold for Martyr higher to prepare to be able to heal when necessary.
An example is:
1) Self: Health < 75% -> Aid Allies
2) Ally: Health < 25% -> Heal
3) Ally: Health < 90% -> Martyr
This maximizes heal (if you have it upgraded) and makes sure Heal is always ready at the cost of possibly expending much mana.
Note: A considerable amount of threat may be drawn.
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