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The Marquis of Serault is the player-controlled protagonist of Dragon Age: The Last Court. The player chooses either The Huntress (female) or The Scholar (male), each with different skills and abilities. The Marquis must navigate an important visit to the region from a notable person as well as maintain the safety, wealth and respect of the region during numerous difficulties and encounters during that time. The Marquis is approximately thirty years old.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Payment in Glass― Traditional Family Motto of the House of Glass

The Marquis is the young scion of the de Serault family, nicknamed the House of Glass, and, having succeeded their mother, is the present ruler of the Marquisate of Serault. Serault is a domain located in the far west of Orlais. It is a realm of deep forests, stubborn people, and customs that border on heresy. The citizens of the region are largely craftsmen and the pride of the marquisate is its famed glasswork.

The Marquis' great grandfather, the former Marquis of Serault, was an apostate mage, who later became an abomination. He is described as brilliant, murderous, generous, romantic, and ruthless, but eventually he brought shame to the marquisate. His name is now forgotten; he is known now only as the Shame of Serault. The family was even stripped of their ancestral mask, the symbol nobility in Orlais, by Divine Beatrix III, and held in trust by the Chantry. This history continues to haunt the region and the Shame's family.

Now the current Marquis of Serault sets out to regain Serault's lost stature, by whatever means required.

Initial Statistics[edit | edit source]

The Huntress[edit | edit source]

Raised to rule. Trained in bow, sword and steed. Fearless.

The Huntress is valiant, charismatic, and skilled in the hunt. She cares little for books or schemes.

Rulership Scholarship Derring-Do Woods-wise Cunning
30 20 50 30 20

The Scholar[edit | edit source]

You divide your time between the great hall and the library's hush. This is your chance to free Serault from the shackles of tradition. Seize it.

The Scholar is a little better at rulership. He is also learned, cunning, and has spent thirty years avoiding fencing lessons and hunting.

Rulership Scholarship Derring-Do Woods-wise Cunning
40 50 20 20 30

Note: While the Scholar starts with 10 extra statistic points in total, the Huntress has 30 extra Derring-Do, the hardest stat to raise.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Dragon Age: The Last Court[edit | edit source]

The Marquis of Serault receives news that Divine Justinia V is traveling to Serault on her way to the Temple of Sacred Ashes. There she will assess whether or not Serault has recovered from the humiliation that the Shame of Serault wrought. The Marquis of Serault sets out to use this opportunity to restore Serault to its former station at any cost.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Marquis de Serault is involved in several War table operations with the Inquisition.

While investigating the death of Divine Justinia V, the Inquisition dispatches several agents to Serault to ascertain if the Divine's visit there was in anyway involved in her demise.

If Josephine sends an emissary:

The Inquisition's emissary is warmly welcomed by the Marquis. Later the Marquis and the Emissary mysteriously vanish while hunting the Deep Woods.

If Leliana sends scouts:

The Marquis of Serault is found by several inquisition scouts in a hut out in the deep woods, playing chess with the Inquisition emissary. The scouts report that the emissary's eyes are apparently now somewhat 'inhuman'. The emissary flees and evades capture. The Marquis meanwhile returns to Serault and grants the Inquisition some Serault Stained Glass as a reward for their aid.

If Cullen sends troops:

The emissary is found dazed and confused but the Marquis of Serault remains missing.

If Leliana sends spies to Serault initially:

Several Inquisition spies situate themselves in Serault to observe the region. Eventually in the wake of the chaos which sweeps over Thedas, the panic devolves into rioting in Serault.

If Cullen sends troops to quell the rioting:

The presence of Inquisition soldiers in Serault helps calm residents and help them feel safe, bringing a peacful resolution to the situation. The Marquis of Serault thanks the Inquisition with a reward of Serault Stained Glass.

Investigate Serault Investigate Serault
Quell Unrest in Serault Quell Unrest in Serault

Search for the Lost in Serault Search for the Lost in Serault

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a rumor among that the Cheery Baron and the prior Marquis (this one's mother) were lovers, which can be found out during an event where a peasant jests about the parentage of the current Marquis.

References[edit | edit source]

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