The eyes of Orlais are on our little corner of it, and the best place for neighbors to stand is side-by-side.

The Marquis of Alyons or as some wags refer to him, His Dour Lordship is an Orlesian Noble and ruler of Alyons, a smaller, but better regarded, neighbour of Serault.

Description Edit

He spends much of his time in the gallery, looking at the dusty pictures, or the library, buried in books. They give him no joy.
But then, nothing does.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Last Court.

The Marquis of Alyons travels to Serault to attend the feast being held for Divine Justinia V. It is possible, through earning favors with him, to recruit him as the Marquis of Serault's Counselor.

The Marquis of Alyons' true goal is to sabotage the feast and ensure Serault never regains its' former status. To this end, he employs a talented nine fingered agitator to undermine different elements of Serault court. He is ultimately responsible for the poisoning of The Acerbic Dowager, the attempt to blame The Dashing Outlaw for the raid on several Val Royeaux merchants and the Uprising at Serault's Glassworks.

The Marquis of Serault corners this agent at the Chantry and discovers the Marquis of Alyons' true complicity in Serault's recent troubles. Backed by a platoon of guards, the Marquis confronts His Dour Lordship in the library at Chateau Serault and demands an explanation. He justifies his actions as part of The Grand Game, emphasizing Serault's lack of social standing.

If the Marquis of Alyons is banished from Serault...

The Marquis of Serault exacts a large quantity of silver and a regular tribute as well as a grey palfrey as payment. His Dour Lordship is escorted back to Alyons by Seraultine Chevaliers and word of his treachery is spread to any who will listen.

If the Marquis of Alyons is imprisoned...

Despite His Dour Lordship's protests that the Game is not being played as it should be, as well as attempts to bribe with information, he is left to rot in Serault's dungeon, cleanly solving a number of problems facing the land.

If the Marquis of Alyons' treachery is not exposed...

His Dour Lordship uses the feast for Divine Justinia V as an opportunity to slander Serault as a hotbed of heresy and asks that the Chantry return to Alyons some lands it had leased to Serault previously.

Event cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 His Dour Lordship's Rejection

Market Day cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 Good Neighbors
TLC quest icon 1 The Spider in the Web
Chantry Heraldry DA2 Event: His Dour Lordship's Case

Available actions Edit


Discuss current events in Orlais over a glass of wine
You'll need to be wary. He is wily, and reveals only that which will advantage him.
Difficulty: Rulership *6/5
Success: +8 Clues
Failure: +8 Clues, +5 Peril


Show him the abandoned wings of the chateau
Mountains of mouldering scrolls and paintings hidden under cotton sheets stiff with spiderwebs.
+1 Favor, -20 Dignity


Ask him to become your advisor
Too long, your families have been at odds. It is time for your domains to stand together.
-2 Favor, Lordship becomes Counselor with +10 Cunning, +10 Rulership

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