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Marlein Selbrech is a minor noble in the city of Kirkwall. She gives the quest A Noble Agenda.

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Dragon Age II.

After the confrontation with the Arishok's forces, Kirkwall endures three years under the de facto rule of Knight-Commander Meredith, a situation borne uncomfortably by the Gallows mages and the noble citizens of Hightown.

If Hawke openly challenges Meredith at Orsino's rally, Ser Marlein will later speak with Hawke in Hightown at the top of the stairs overlooking the market area. Inspired by Hawke's public rebuke to Meredith seizing control of Kirkwall's secular authority in the wake of Viscount Dumar's death, Ser Marlein leaks the activities of several Templar "Death Squads" and a secret Templar supply cache. She later attempts to form a coalition with two other nobles and Hawke to elect a new viscount and oppose the Templars' control of secular authority in the city. However, one of the nobles she invites betrays the location of their meeting and they are forced to fight off several Templars who attempt to kill them. Afterwards Ser Marlein continues to work towards Meredith's removal from her newly gained authority.

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