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The Market Warehouse is located in the Denerim Market District just west of Wonders of Thedas. The location is not marked on the map.


Solving Problems[]

The thug Shivs can be found in the back room once the quest Solving Problems has been accepted from the Bartender at the Gnawed Noble Tavern.

A Fistful of Silver[]

Main article: A Fistful of Silver

The warehouse is also involved in A Fistful of Silver sub-quest of the Crime Wave quest line given by Slim Couldry in the Market District. Slim explains that Arl Howe is temporarily storing a cache of silver which previously belonged to Denerim's treasury within the warehouse, guarded by a group of his men. This information will cost you 4Gold to obtain.

Grey Warden Vault[]

Main article: Grey Warden Vault

There is a hidden Grey Warden cache located behind the bookcase in the back room, on the south side of the warehouse. The area is only available after rescuing Riordan and later questioning him at the Arl of Redcliffe's Estate.


  • Shivs


Howe Thugs (only during A Fistful of Silver)
  • Howe Thug (4) (Normal)
  • Howe Crossbowman (3) (Normal)
  • Howe Thug Leader (2) (Lieutenant)



  • Acquiring both Solving Problems and A Fistful of Silver together will not conflict with one-another. Howe's men, the chests of silver, and Shivs with his body bag will be in the Market Warehouse all at once.