Mark of the Assassin is the opening quest for the Mark of the Assassin DLC for Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Hawke can initiate this quest by selecting the corresponding statue, "Memento of Mark of the Assassin".

Walkthrough Edit

Varric is confronted by the Seeker Cassandra that Champion was involved with an incident that could cause war with Orlais. After some subtle threats, Varric relents and starts the tale.

Results Edit


Varric's first encounter with Tallis

Varric's contact Edge wants to talk to Hawke and company, "something to do with you and nobles." One of the companions will point out the inevitability of an ambush, which gets Varric defensive. The party is then attacked by the Antivan Crows, but interrupted by an elf, Tallis, who has been looking for Hawke to steal a jewel, the Heart of the Many, from Duke Prosper.

Hawke follows Tallis to Chateau Haine.

Notes Edit

  • If you choose to flirt with Tallis and Isabela is in the party, it will make for some funny dialogue.
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