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Maric's Blade is a longsword in Dragon Age: Origins. It can be found only in Return to Ostagar DLC. It is part of the Cailan's Arms set.


This is the same sword Maric Theirin found in the Deep Roads during the Fereldan Rebellion. Maric offered to return the blade to the dwarves, but King Endrin Aeducan insisted that Maric should keep it. The blade eventually passed to Maric's son, Cailan Theirin. Cailan left the blade behind in a storage chest in his enclave at Ostagar while he led the troops at the Battle of Ostagar.


It can be found in Cailan's Chest along with Cailan's documents. It is a leveled item, however it only appears as a level 5 (Red Steel) item out of the chest.


  • Based on the novels, the runes on the blade glowed blue, but in-game they glow yellow. Furthermore, in the novels it is stated that the blade is made of dragonbone while in-game the blade is made of red steel, when obtained.
  • Using the Party Storage Chest (consoles) or sell-to-then-buyback from merchant (consoles and PC) methods you can upgrade the item to Silverite or Dragonbone material tiers.
  • This sword has no strength requirements at any tier level.
  • There is an obsolete older version of this sword which probably remained unobtainable in favor of this DLC.
  • Zevran Arainai refers to this blade as 'sexy' upon acquiring it if he is in the party.
  • Sten says that he couldn't trust someone who could leave a blade like this behind.
  • The "weakens darkspawn" property, intended to reduce the attack and defense of darkspawn within a certain proximity of the sword's wielder, is bugged and does not work without 3rd party mods.