Maraas is a Tal-Vashoth former bandit now working as a mercenary.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

He is a Qunari warrior, first encountered on the Wounded Coast during the quest Blackpowder Promise. The Champion can convince him to turn against the other renegade Qunari using the specialised Angrylarge aggresive dialogue option open to an aggressive Hawke.

This will not be his first time deserting his people, however, the first time being from the Qun, where he didn't accept the role he was given. After leaving the Qun, he joined a band of Tal-Vashoth residing in a cavern outside Kirkwall. In time however he left the Tal-Vashoth and even encourages Hawke to kill them. Hawke can try to hire him, however Maraas will decline, payment or not, as he does not wish to murder for money. However, if Hawke has made mostly aggressive choices, it is possible through dialogue to convince Maraas to fight with Hawke against the Tal-Vashoth. Hawke can tell him that the last man standing decides what is right, and Maraas will agree to help kill the Tal-Vashoth and their leader.

He later takes up residence in the Hanged Man during Act 3. Having taken the name Maraas as his own, he works as a mercenary, but will not work for The Champion, because he prefers simple jobs over ones from people with status, as he dislikes fighting for a cause. He explains that he has picked his own name, since he does not have any role in the Qun and Qunari are named after their place in society. He also reveals that after First Battle of Kirkwall the remaining Qunari and Tal-Vashoth in the surrounding regions were eliminated just in case.

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His conversation will claim that Hawke convinced him to fight against the others Tal-Vashoth (dialogue option available only to an aggressive Hawke during the quest Blackpowder Promise on the Wounded Coast) even if that was not the case. This remains the same regardless of whether or not you chose such options during your dialogue with him.

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