Map of Halin'sulahn is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

This map was in a hunter's shack in the fens. It appears to mark a spot on high ground in the Exalted Plains.

Acquisition Edit

The map is found in a small camp next to a quarry in the far north-east of the Exalted Plains in the Crow Fens, behind where the Gamordan Stormrider is encountered.

Walkthrough Edit

Starting at Dalish camp, follow the river southeast until you reach a waterfall with broken arches and a statue of the wolf. Turn right and climb onto the rocks to the highest point, the item will be northeast of you.

Alternatively, if you don't feel like messing with the rift that is between the camp and the waterfall, head to Var Bellanaris. Go east to the river and north to the statue. Go west just past the arches and up the face of the rocks as above.

Rewards Edit

  • 242 XP
  • 80 Influence

Notes Edit

The hidden treasure always yields:

  • Random gold
    200 Currency (Inquisition) -
    270 Currency (Inquisition)
  • Fire Rune icon Fire Rune
  • Bianca-grip-schematic-icon2 Masterwork Firm Bianca Grip Schematic

Gallery Edit

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