Man Of The Cloth is one of Sebastian's talents from his unique Royal Archer specialization in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Damage Resistance: +5% for Sebastian
  • Damage Resistance: +5% for Hawke

Bugs Edit

  • This talent is currently bugged. Every time Hawke adds Sebastian to the party, the game will not properly acknowledge the additional damage resistance bonus, but will minus it nonetheless when he is removed from the party. This leads to Hawke's own damage resistance going into negative numbers, thus causing him to take more damage than he otherwise would. Additionally, the reductions are cumulative and could possibly break the game.

This seems to be working correctly on Xbox 360. Perhaps this has been fixed. Tested to be fixed on the Xbox. Further testing required.

  • Should Sebastian leave during The Last Straw, if he is in the active party prior to that moment, this passive bonus will still be displayed in your talents/spells, despite him being absent from the party altogether.
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