Mallol is a mother of the Chantry encountered during the Human Noble Origin in Castle Cousland's chapel.

Background Edit

She has known Fergus Cousland and his younger sibling since they were children, and prefers the youngest to address her by her given name, without the formal 'Mother'.

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Before contacting Fergus, the player can explore the castle. Mallol will be found in a chapel leading some guards in prayer and will optionally lead the Human Noble in a short prayer as well.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Searching the chapel during Rendon Howe's attack on the castle reveals no sign of Mallol. Approaching the chapel, Teyrna Eleanor expresses hope that Mallol has escaped, also wondering if Howe would perform that "kind of sacrilege."

Gilmore and Mallol

The probable fate of Ser Gilmore and Mother Mallol

If the Warden is captured at the residence of Arl Howe, a corpse that resembles her can be seen in Fort Drakon, next to one that resembles Ser Gilmore. Neither can be examined in-game.

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