Maliphant is one of the leaders of Freemen of the Dales residing in in the Emerald Graves.

Background Edit

Maliphant was a soldier in the Imperial Army of Orlais. When the War of the Lions broke out, one of the supporters of Gaspard de Chalons killed Malliphant's superior named Laurent, whom Maliphant respected. The killer used to be Maliphant's brother in arms before the war broke out. Seeing what it did to the Orlesian people, Maliphant joined the Freemen of the Dales in order to disband the nobility.

When he deserted from the army, the Red Templars approached him. Knight-Captain Carrol came to him and offered the Freemen money in exchange for people and services rendered to the Red Templars. Shortly before the Inquisition arrived at Villa Maurel, Maliphant realised there was something wrong with Caroll and his Templar Order, and decided to cut his ties to the Red Templars.

Involvement Edit

Commander Duhaime was sent to see Maliphant about his recent lack of cooperation with the Red Templars. When the Inquisitor and their companions kill Duhaime and enter the Villa, the headquarters of Maliphant, the Freemen and the Red Templars present inside attack the Inquisition. When the Inquisitor removes them, Maliphant joins the fray, and is killed.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI A Corrupt General
Quest icon DAI Fairbanks' Trust
Quest icon DAI Victims of War
Quest icon DAI Safe Keeping

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