General Maliphant is the highest ranking member of Freemen of the Dales operating out of Villa Maurel located the Emerald Graves.

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Maliphant was a soldier in the Imperial Army of Orlais. When the War of the Lions broke out, one of the supporters of Gaspard de Chalons killed Malliphant's superior named Laurent whom Maliphant deeply respected. The assassin that was sent was Maliphant's brother in arms prior to the war. Seeing how the war ravaged the Orlesian people, by turning on one another, Maliphant joined the Freemen of the Dales in order to disband the nobility.

After hearing word of his desertion, Maliphant was propositioned by the Red Templars to serve in their cause of further destabilizing the region. Knight-Captain Carrol offered him and the Freemen money in exchange for serving the Red Templars unconditionally. Just prior to the Inquisition's arrival in the Emerald Graves, Maliphant realizes there is something quite wrong with Caroll as well as the Red Templars, and ultimately decides to cut ties with their twisted version of the Templar Order.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Commander Duhaime is sent to "discuss" Maliphant's recent lack of cooperation with the Red Templars. Luckily for him the Inquisitor and accompanying party coincidentally arrive on scene at Villa Maurel just in time to cut down Duhaime. Once the Inquisitor enters the compound all of the Freemen and Red Templars converge on the intruders attacking on site. After most have been dispatched, Maliphant joins the fray, and is subsequently killed in the process.

Word of Maliphant's death spreads quickly among the remaining Freemen; the Inquisitor is able to intercept a note referencing the Freemen's desperation with ending the Inquisition's presence in the Graves:

Villa Maurel's taken. Maliphant's gone. We're losing our grip. What now? The men are starting to balk, talking about giving up.scribbled note

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