Maleficar encountered in the Brecilian Forest.

Magic exists to serve man, and never to rule over him.
Foul and corrupt are they
Who have taken His gift
And turned it against His children.
They shall be named Maleficar, accursed ones.
They shall find no rest in this world
Or beyond.
-Transfigurations 1:2

A maleficar (plural maleficarum), "one who is depraved" in Ancient Tevene,[1] is a mage who uses the forbidden arts including, but not solely restricted to, blood magic. Known maleficarum are slain on sight by templars.

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Apostates are not by definition maleficarum, but many are. Bucking the authority of the Circle of Magi usually leads a mage into exploring the forbidden, especially if they feel they need such power to stay alive. This is common enough that many templars will simply assume that any apostate is also a maleficar, or close enough to becoming one that it makes no difference.

Apostates who practice magical arts not well known among Circles, such as Morrigan's shapeshifting, are sometimes referred to as maleficarum. This distinction is not exact and is usually born from the common ignorance and prejudice to associate all unique forms of magic with blood magic.

Trivia Edit

  • "Maleficarum" is the genitive of the ecclesiastical latin word for witches, and literally translates as "of wrong doing women".
  • The Chant of Light verse which defines a maleficar does not explicitly decry any form of magic, only that the abuse of magic is not permitted.

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