My magic will serve that which is best in me, not that which is most base.

Malcolm Hawke was the father of Hawke, Bethany and Carver, as well as the husband of Leandra. He was an apostate mage. He died in 9:27 Dragon, three years before the outbreak of the Fifth Blight, which caused his wife and children to flee to Kirkwall.


Malcolm Hawke was a junior enchanter in Kirkwall's Circle. He met Leandra Amell while the Circle mages would perform at the Viscount's functions, and with the help of Gamlen, they later found ways to met more privately.[1] According to Tobrius, Malcolm established a friendship with a templar named Maurevar Carver, who helped him escape Kirkwall's Circle.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

In Legacy, it is revealed that the Grey Wardens required a non-Warden mage to renew the weakening seals of the secret prison under the Vimmark Mountains near Kirkwall, where the ancient Darkspawn Corypheus has been held. They chose Malcolm Hawke and forced him to use blood magic to strengthen the seals binding Corypheus (as well as some other demons). As a result, the seals could only be broken using the blood of Malcolm's children, making them a target for those trying to free Corypheus when they return to Kirkwall. Malcolm's cooperation was secured by Warden-Commander Larius threatening to murder Leandra (who was pregnant with Hawke at the time) if he didn't comply.

Eventually, he eloped with Leandra, and the two of them fled from Kirkwall to Ferelden. After that, they were constantly moving to avoid being captured by the templars. His daughter, Bethany, and (if Hawke is a mage) eldest child inherited his powers, much to his dismay (as he didn't want children cursed with magic), and he taught her (them) how to correctly use their powers and how to keep them a secret. In 9:20 Dragon, he and his family settled down in the outskirts of Lothering, to live their lives in peace. He died seven years later, in 9:27 Dragon, and left the welfare of his family up to his eldest.


  • Bethany tells Anders that he reminds her of Malcolm.
  • Bethany tells Merrill her father died in the Blight, not 3 years before.
  • Hawke is able to inherit Malcolm's raiments through the Mage Pack DLC for Dragon Age II.
  • It is suggested that Malcolm had the same personality (Diplomatic/Sarcastic/Aggressive) as the player establishes for his son/daughter; once, in a conversation with Anders during Mark of the Assassin, and again, with Leandra in the conclusion of Legacy.
  • While Codex entry: The Fugitive's Mantle and Codex entry: Malcolm's Bequest states that Malcolm was an apostate who worked as mercenary when he met Leandra, both Leandra and Gamlen say he was a Circle mage at Kirkwall.
  • Nicholas Boulton also provides the voice for Male Hawke as well as Malcolm.

Codex entries


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