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My magic will serve that which is best in me, not that which is most base.

Malcolm Hawke was the father of Hawke, Bethany and Carver, as well as the husband of Leandra. He was an apostate mage. He died in 9:27 Dragon, three years before the outbreak of the Fifth Blight which forced his wife and children to flee to Kirkwall.


Malcolm Hawke was born in Ferelden. He was brought to Kirkwall's Circle late in the Blessed Age as a young apprentice. He was shown to be an adept mage and was learning complex spells by the age of fourteen until his advancements slowed to the level of his fellow apprentices. Senior Enchanter Consuelon[1] believed he was concealing his talents in order to not draw attention to himself while in the Gallows. He undertook his Harrowing at the age of nineteen.[2]

In 9:05 Dragon, he met Leandra Amell while the Circle mages performed at Viscount Perrin Threnhold's banquet held for Grand Duchess Florianne. With the help of Leandra's brother, Gamlen, Malcolm and Leandra met more privately on a side balcony.[3] Malcolm and Leandra continued to meet over the following months. With the aid of the Templar Ser Maurevar Carver, Malcolm was able to sneak out of the Gallows to meet with Leandra. When Leandra became pregnant with his child, Malcolm asked her to run away with him. She agreed, and they married in secret. Templar records reveal that Ser Maurevar assisted Malcolm in escaping the Circle, though it is unclear if he was an accomplice in the theft of Malcolm's phylactery.

By the time Malcolm secured passage to Ferelden at Kirkwall's docks for him and Leandra, Lord Aristide Amell had learned that Leandra was pregnant with a mage's child. Lord Aristide forbade Leandra to leave the family home and sent men after Malcolm. Leandra was able to get a message to Malcolm, via Gamlen, warning him of the danger he was in.

Hunted and nearly penniless, Malcolm was faced with a difficult dilemma: leave on the ship without Leandra or stay and face the wrath of Lord Aristide and the templars. Refusing to leave Leandra behind in Kirkwall, Malcolm went into hiding in a Lowtown tavern where he was approached by Warden-Commander Larius. Larius demanded a service of Malcolm and in return, the Grey Wardens would help in reuniting him with Leandra. Malcolm agreed.

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Dragon Age II.

Malcolm briefly worked with the Grey Wardens when they required a non-Warden mage to renew the weakening seals of the secret prison under the Vimmark Mountains near Kirkwall, where the ancient Darkspawn Corypheus had been bound. They chose Malcolm Hawke and forced him to use blood magic to strengthen the seals binding Corypheus and several other demons. As a result, the seals could only be broken using the blood of Malcolm's children, making them a target for those trying to free Corypheus. Warden-Commander Larius secured Malcolm's cooperation by threatening to murder Leandra, at the time pregnant with Hawke. Malcolm agreed to his terms but also stipulated that, along with Leandra's safety, Larius also paid him for his services and convinced Lord Aristide Amell to allow Leandra and him to leave Kirkwall with impunity.

After Malcolm provided his service to the Wardens, Malcolm arrived at the Amell family estate with a contingent of Grey Wardens, and he demanded that Leandra be brought to him. Leandra came out alone, and she told him that she was free to leave. That night they boarded a ship to Ferelden. After that, they were constantly moving to avoid being captured by the Templars. Much to his dismay, as he did not want his children to be ostracized for their magic, his daughter Bethany (and potentially Hawke) inherited his powers. He taught them how to correctly use their powers and how to keep them a secret. As a result, he spent comparatively little time with his youngest non-mage child.[4]

In 9:20 Dragon, he and his family settled down on the outskirts of Lothering, where he made every effort to ensure that his children didn't fear magic, and were well insulated against those who did.[5] He died seven years later, in 9:27 Dragon, leaving the welfare of his family up to his wife and his eldest child.[6]

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  • Bethany tells Anders that he reminds her of Malcolm.
  • Bethany tells Merrill her father died in the Blight, not 3 years before.
  • Hawke is able to inherit Malcolm's raiments through the Mage Item Pack DLC for Dragon Age II.
  • It is suggested that Malcolm and Hawke share the same personality (Diplomatic/Humorous/Aggressive) in a conversation with Anders during Mark of the Assassin, and again with Leandra in the conclusion of Legacy.
  • While Codex entry: The Fugitive's Mantle and Codex entry: Malcolm's Bequest state that Malcolm was an apostate who worked as a mercenary when he met Leandra, Leandra, Gamlen and Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 2 state that he was a Circle mage in Kirkwall.
  • Nicholas Boulton provides the voice for both Male Hawke and Malcolm.
  • Ser Maurevar Carver once said the reason he let Malcolm escape the Circle of Magi was that "Rule does not serve by caging the best of us."

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